5 Chemical Industries which shone in the Stock Market amid Coronavirus

5 Chemical Industries which shone in the Stock Market amid Coronavirus

Chemicals: The New Face of Indian Industries.

The Indian IT sector dominated the globe in the first two decades of the 21st century. From Digitalizing Central Banks to Digitalizing World Trade Center, the Indian IT sector has done it all! The world is looking forward to India as it hosts the best in class IT firms with the experience of handling mammoth projects.

Let’s focus on Chemicals as for now.

Along with the Electronics market, China also has a good trade volume in the chemical sector. The world understands that eliminating China from the Electronic and Technology market is not an easy task in the short run. The same is not right about the chemical market. The world is looking towards India as an alternative to China in this domain. Pharmaceuticals, Cement, or Petrochemicals you name it, and India can manufacture the same for you.

India exported specialty chemicals worth $23.8 billion in FY19; China exports stood at $173 billion. That’s a 4-fold revenue increase precisely what I am trying to get your focus onto. Yes, as anti-china sentiments become stronger, India will have an edge to achieve massive growth in this sector.

The 2020 Pandemic, along with the crippling global economy, has brought into opportunities to Indian markets as it provides cheap labor as well holds Infrastructure to commence feasible trade.

Investors are suggested to keep at least one chemical sector stock in their portfolio while planning with a long-term perspective of 5 years.

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Here is a list of some Chemical sector stocks, which can yield a good return.

1. UPL: A Buy call was already given, and UPL has reached the exact Buy levels, which were suggested.

2. Vinati Organics:

3. Alkyl Amines:

4. Aarti Industries:

5. Tata Chemicals:

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