5 Things One Should Not Say To Their FRIENDS

5 Things One Should Not Say To Their FRIENDS


Bonds with Family members make come with borderline obligations and at times with inconvenience. Friends, on the other hand, are the total opposite. They are the antidote that takes your burdens away.

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Friends exist for those special moments in life to share the worst and the most jovial moments. Friends are those who don’t require an abundance of attention. They are always there for you, be it in any situation. The silences you share are something that doesn’t make you uncomfortable instead, thickens the bonds.

There are times we don’t notice what we speak and retaliate without thinking even twice.

Here are some things one should not say to their friends(at least not in the right mind),
  • Saying them that they are ‘Wrong’: At times, the person opposite to you contemplates this to they are not worthy of anything or that they are stupid. It would be quite considerate if the next time you would come up with some less harsh words. 
  • “You cannot do this/that”: Such framing of words could lead many to overthink themselves. It shows the gesture of putting someone down. And very likely it is an ungrateful way of suggesting someone something. This is not how one must encourage someone.
  • Never to prompt the statement of ‘I told you so!’: This type of indication shows how disgraceful one can be towards their friends. If you want to convey it to them, try helping them instead of stepping on their injuries to remind them of their mistakes.
  • Wishing by saying, ‘Good Luck!’: This specifies that the person you’re addressing this to cannot do anything if they don’t have luck. Try not to attribute Success to Luck; celebrate the other person’s qualities instead.
  • Or that you don’t care: This can hit as a signal to your friends as if they are there to waste your time and that you have better things to attend to in life then to their miseries.

Instead, one can spare some time at that very moment and be a ‘Good Listener.’

  • Never to pull off the ‘Do you even know who I am?’: It shows your friend that they can never be a part of your community for various reasons like they might not be as productive as you are or that they might not be the smartest kid in the room.

Here, one should try to broaden their mindsets over hierarchy. Friendships don’t have authorities.

Friendship in itself is an unsaid rule of life. You form friendships without actually shaking hands over the tag. It isn’t a deal; it’s a special invisible bond.

Friendship day, from getting sprouted by a gift card to becoming an international occasion. Friendship day marks the day of bonds that go unnoticed.

It is not necessary to have a massive band of friends by your side. It is okay to have just one true friend

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  • who listens to you,
  • who will point out the mistakes and will help you out with possible ways,
  • who will never leave your side even if things have been under a great turmoil between the two of you,
  • who also being seas apart can always remember you.

Let’s mend broken bonds and welcome the new one’s this Friendship’s day coming 2nd August 2020.

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