5 tips by skin expert on Skincare that will make you glow

5 tips by skin expert on Skincare that will make you glow

Whatsapp Skincare has become a challenge in times of coronavirus. Lockdown made many people sit at home and follow the WFH trend. Read further to know what Dermatologist Pooja Malhotra has to say about the skincare routine in Lockdown. 

Dr. Pooja Malhotra Thatte (MBBS, DNB-Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy), a practicing dermatologist in Pune. She is a recipient of the gold medal by Vice-President of India.  Pooja is bursting myths with her Insta handle, Dermgenie.

Dr. Pooja She, along with her husband, is also a skin specialist run Skin Privilege. It is a dedicated Skin, Hair, and Nail clinic. We strive to help you with any skin/hair/nail issues and aesthetic concerns you are facing. 

·       SkinCare on a Tight Budget

In a time when many Indians are losing their job. It is getting harder to take care of their skin and health altogether, owing to all the stress. Well, good news for you that you don’t need to spend much on skincare while you defeat all your woes. Pooja says, “Eat healthily – your skin reflects what you eat. Exercise daily, follow basic personal hygiene. Invest in fewer products but good quality ones.” 

·       WFH? This point is for you.

Long hours of continuously sitting before the screen, not exercising and not eating healthy may lead to weight gain and hence many skin issues like pigmentation, skin tags dullness, hair fall issues, etc. UV rays emitted by screens can further worsen skin pigmentation and hasten skin aging. Constant strain on eyes and frequent rubbing of eyes can lead to the development of dark circles around eyes.” Solution… “To minimize these issues, eat healthily, exercise regularly, drink lots of water, avoid rubbing your eyes, take frequent breaks from screen time and wear sunscreen regularly, UV protective films for screens help to a certain extent.”

·       While working from home, do you need Sunscreens?

Pooja says, “One of the most common questions a dermatologist is asked when they recommend sunscreen to a patient is if it is necessary to use it if they are indoors the whole day. UV rays are emitted by artificial light sources also. Hence, if you have pigmentation issues or develop allergies to visible/UV light or are concerned about premature aging, sunscreen is your best friend. You must never skip on it, whether you are indoors or outdoors.”

·       Working holistically internally reflects externally.

Adopt personal hygiene measures. Have a well-balanced diet that will fulfill your daily nutritional requirements and provide antioxidants. Drink an adequate amount of water. Exercise regularly and keep your weight under check. Avoid using harsh soaps and use a good moisturizer and sunscreen,

·       Signs to look out for when you need the help of your dermatologist.

Common red flags are irritated skin, rashes, pimples, boils, bumps, development of dark or light spots on the surface, a sudden increase in hair fall and bald patches, sudden discoloration, shading or thickening of nails. Always seek the help of a qualified dermatologist (DNB/MD/DVD) for any skin issues. Or you can reach to Dermgenie in mild cases. They are your genie, making all your wish of a healthy skin come true.


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