5 years of TVF Pitchers, Star cast now and then

5 years of TVF Pitchers, Star cast now and then

TVF Pitcher is a story of four friends Naveen Bansal (Naveen), Jitendra Maheshwari (Jitu), Yogendra Kumar (Yogi), and Saurabh Mandal (Mandal), decide to enter the start-up world by launching their own start-up. Things are kicked off by Naveen who, angry at not being given his due at work, resigns in a drunk state. At the same time, he receives news of his B-Plan reaching the final round of the NASSCOM start-up conclave. This begins a series of situations in which the four friends rediscover what they really want in life and the challenges they face in getting their start-up idea off the ground. This story is inspired by the HBO TV series “Silicon Valley” but the plot is well designed in accordance with Indian audiences who are not well aware of the Idea of Startup.

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The show is brilliantly written and acted. The casting, done by a fellow TVF member Nidhi Bisht, works well as the four friends seem very real and raw. It’ll be unfair to categorize Pitchers as a buddy-comedy. Of course, it’s funny and is about friends, but so are other shows, such as Baked, on YouTube. But where Pitchers stands out is in its intellect. It’s very intelligent yet never comes off as pretentious. It never overdoes the buddy-comedy thing and avoids clichés.

Probably one of the reasons why each episode of TVF’s Pitchers has more than a million views is because the Indian audience has been craving for a show like this, one that takes its viewers seriously. The show has also been ranked in IMDB’s Top 250 TV list at rank 50.

At about 40 minutes each, episodes are crisp and the entire season can be binge-watched in a single day on the TVF Play website or on YouTube. A must watch, Pitchers, simply put, is miles ahead of the curve.

Since the release of TVF Pitcher in 2015, fans are asking for a second season but so far no response has been given from TVF’s team. This what your fav Actors are doing nowadays:

Naveen Kasturia: He played the role of Naveen Bansal as the lead of TVF Pitcher. TVF Pitcher fame Naveen had also worked in Bollywood movies like Loveshhuda. He was also part of the famous Tv serial ‘Bose: Dead or Alive’. Recently, he was seen in Happily Ever After web series.

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Arunabh Kumar: Yogi in the series and founder of TVF. He is the man behind all this hard work. Yogi was loved by the audience as his anger and dialogue delivery was so good. After this, we didn’t see him that prominently in web series. He went more into producing web series and short films. In 2017, a rape complaint was filed against him. He gave up his position as CEO of TVF and joined the backhand team. He did one small cameo in Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om as a transgender. He started his career assisting Farah Khan as an assistant director in 2007.

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Jitendra Kumar: Jitu is the character that you can relate with you in day to day life. You will see him in every other video of TVF. He has portrayed several characters in TVF videos which include ‘Tech Conversations With Dad’, ‘A Day With’ series, TVF Bachelor’s series which crossed a million views, Kota Factory, and many others. Kota factory was one of his biggest hits Apart from TVF videos on YouTube, Kumar has played a few significant roles in comedy sketches, movies, and web series. He has also done movies like Gone Kesh but recently he was seen in Subh Mangal Zyada Savdhan opposite Ayushman Khurana. He got really popular and critically acclaimed for this role.

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Abhay Mahajan: Mandal was the sweet and everyone’s favorite in the series. He mostly works with Natak company as well, a theatre group based in Pune. He has acted in nataks like Dalan, Binkamache Sanwad, Cycle, Who Let The Dogs Out?, HILLAK Natak Nako and few others. Amey Wagh, who starred in Dil Dosti Duniyadari is also a part of the same group. Abhay also works in a few English plays and stand up comedy acts with the TVF group. In 2015, his Marathi movie RINGAN (The Quest) was officially selected at the prestigious 12″ Stuttgart Indian Film Festival. He has also played roles in a few other movies like Harishchandrachi Factory, Doh, Khamosh Adalat Jaari Hai, and Ranga Patanga.

Abhay Mahajan Hutatma Actor 5 years of TVF Pitchers, Star cast now and then

We wish that TVF will hear his fan’s appeal and will release the second season of the TVF Pitcher soon.

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