A 70 year old man recovers from Covid-19 with 19 pages bill of 1.1 million USD.

A 70 year old man recovers from Covid-19 with 19 pages bill of 1.1 million USD.

Yes, you read that right. Michael Flor, 70 from Seattle was hospitalized for 62 days in the hospital during his treatment of Covid-19. It was surprising already because of what he survived after fighting for 62 days, he was called Miracle Child. 

Now, he has moved to become a Million-dollar-baby. Michael Flor was released from the hospital after 62 days with a bill of 1.1 Million USD, which roughly translates to 8 crores 35 Lakhs INR. 

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The bill has a list of charges for his treatment but because Flor had insurance for his healthcare, he won’t have to pay the maximum part of the bill. Since the disease was Coronavirus, he might not have to pay anything at all. 

Though looking at the bill left his family, friends, relatives, and him in awe. People are marveling at the vast expenses, weird economics of American Healthcare.

Flor was treated in Swedish Medical Center in Issaquah with COVID-19 for 62 days. He was unconscious for most of his stay, but once in the beginning his wife Elisa Del Rosario recalls him waking up and saying: “You gotta get me out of here, we can’t afford this.”

The charge of his room was billed at 9,736 USD per day. As Coronavirus is a contagious disease, the room had to be sealed and medical workers needed to wear PPE kits for 42, till he was under isolation.

Flor was on a mechanical ventilator for 29 days, which was billed at $2,835 per day. About a quarter of bill was for the drugs used on him.

Well looking at the cost of private hospitals for treatment of Covid-19, we Indians have more reason to be scared of Covid-19. India’s population is 1.3 Billion currently and India is still a developing country with poor medical facilities. With drastically increasing numbers of COVID patients each day, the numbers have crossed 3 lakhs by now. It is time people stop relying on the government to action amidst the current politics of the country. We will have to take our health, precautions very seriously. Because there is no 100% chance of recovery and the majority of Indians don’t have the financial status to bear the treatment charges in Private hospitals for Covid-19.

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