A tale of Father-Daughter Love

A tale of Father-Daughter Love

There’s a thought that disturbs me the most while writing.

The thought of ego-centrism! The fear of me being so absorbed in reckoning the number of views and likes, that I forget to pay visit to the world that’s burning around me.

It’s this fear that’s restrains me from writing about my loved one’s!
My father has never written about how much I mean to him. He’s never written about how much he loves me.
Instead he’s proven that in every point of his life.
And that’s the kind of relationship that I value.
It gives me immense level of comfort to pray for him everyday instead of expressing my love to him on a social platform.
I don’t want to keep a record of the number of views that I’m getting while my father is sitting next to me waiting for my words!
But since we are acknowledging our fathers on this special occasion, I thought I’d also like to emphasize on the pragmatic side of a father-daughter relationship.
I don’t have a perfect father. And neither I’m the perfect daughter.

But who is?
We have our ups and downs but it always comes down to the immense level of love and affection that we two share for each other.
And that can never ever be expressed in words.
He’s the one who’s health I worry about the most and I’m one who’s future he’s constantly thinking about.
And while we both realize the love that we two share, we’ve never expressed them in words. Never needed to!
Because some relations are way beyond words. They are pure and precious!
And so I’d say I’m not my father’s princess!
I’m his daughter and that means more to me!

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