A Toxic Relationship: Internship

A Toxic Relationship: Internship

I’m sure many of you must be excited about completing your college and to start your career. But before starting your career there is a part comes which is known as Internship. I was excited about my internship and now I’m writing about it. Gone are the days when your graduation and degree meant something, it used to be a proof that you’ve learned from your time spent in college. It’s not the case anymore. With time passing by, we sure made the phrase “Marks don’t matter, knowledge does” or “degree is just a piece of paper” popular? Not to mention, how it defies, the time and money we spent getting our degrees. If working for no money and being expected to produce results as a professional. 

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I still remember the time I went for an interview after my CV was shortlisted, they were offering a good sum of amount of the intern’s world. So, the “CEO” of this entrepreneurship was some mid 40s guy, who was trying to launch his media house, with no prior experience of his own. So, nothing to contribute from his experience.

As I entered his office, the glorious basement”in Gurugram. He asks me to have a seat. After sometime, he returns with his laptop and asks me to write 500 words on random topic within 10 minutes. I wrote and he claimed that my piece of 500 words, which I wrote in 10 minutes, had 10 grammatical errors, fair enough. He told me, he needs someone who has zero error writing skills, A target I failed to achieve. Yet, for some reasons I was hired, as I was told. Then he went on to tell me my responsibilities, which included basically from doing everything to indirectly teaching my boss ‘J’ of Journalism and my stipend will be “According to my Performance”, did I forgot to mention that I had to handle his social media marketing as well. 

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And here People thought internship will be an opportunity for learning. He needed a professional teacher, at a stipend up to 15000. I came back to my home, meanwhile, I also came back to my senses, and decided not to take the “Golden Opportunity”, Booo-hoo for me, for not giving up to the effective traditional methods.

So tell me, why a piece of paper i.e. our precious degree isn’t enough for us to prove our knowledge? Why we are not equipped enough in our college, that we won’t need a petty internship as an opportunity to learn things? So, why spend all those thousands and lakhs for those semesters? Why keep holding on to that piece of paper our entire life, if it means nothing? Who is to blame for this, us? Won’t it save time for people like us if we head straight towards internships to learn instead of spending a huge sum of money and time, all for a piece of paper? which doesn’t matter, when it has to matter the most i.e. employment.

Now, I’m not saying that interns or internships are a waste of time, it sure does teach us practical knowledge. All that we need is more of a practical exposure in our colleges than theoretical. Because when one will be in the field 90% of the time his practical knowledge will be judged. Internship can boost you up and can also bring you down in no time. Also, those “start-up” company should stop expecting a professional to teach them everything on a bare minimum stipend.

Disclaimer: all the sensible things written above is my opinion, which is based on my experiences and stories from my friends. You’re most welcome to differ.

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