Afraid to go to Gym, get Fit from Home Exercises and Daily Routines

Afraid to go to Gym, get Fit from Home Exercises and Daily Routines


Gyms and Yoga institutes are opening from 5 Aug, but are you still afraid to go to the gym? Well, Get fit with home exercises and daily routines. It is easy to make a plan and eventually follow the beginnings and then leave it lying in some corner with spiderwebs to build a house.

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It is not necessary to have a gym membership to become fit. At times people do feel that comparing fitness to the gym is what will earn them a healthy body. Although with the help of some right approach and dedication, one can get fit right from their homes.

Considering the ongoing situation, many Gym-goers can turn to their house for help. And the ones who aren’t into exercising might improvise a little.

The gym at home is the least costly of the gyms that you see around you.

Home workout ideas:

It is not necessary to prove that all exercises are supposed to be severe or complicated. Doing exercise, which is more comfortable and consistently is much more beneficial.

Many assume that exercising is time-dependent. That exercising for an hour or two is only beneficial. Working out means to feel fresh and become more enthusiastic in life. And even if you feel good about your exercise in just 15 minutes, that’s just enough.

One can start with making small workout plans even though you know you might end up doing a whole different thing.

Some of these goals can make it to your list:

  • Lose weight
  • Get strong
  • Build muscle
  • Increase in height
  • To get the perfect shape.
  • Improve performance in daily activities

Marking a goal in the head can help you focus on exercise that concerns the purpose.

Few exercises to do at home:

Bridge:This form of exercise activates your core and posterior chain with a kind of bridge. This exercise can be used up as an excellent warmup.


→ Lie on your back with your knees bent, go flat on the floor by extending your arms.

→ By pushing through your feet, brace your core, start by raising your bottom off the ground until your hips are fully extended. Squeeze your glutes at the top. And form into a bridge-like figure.

→ Slowly start returning to the initial position and keep repeating.

Chair Squat:

This form of exercise helps in strengthening your legs and core, making everyday movements much more comfortable. One can start with the help of a chair underneath, making you master this properly.


→ Stand in front of the chair with your feet a shoulder-width apart, with your toes pointed slightly out.

→ Hinging at your hips and bending your knees and then your lower back down until your bottom touches the chair, allowing your arms to extend out in front of you.

→ Push up from your heels then return to your starting position.

Knee Pushup:

Beginners can use this style of exercise, which will help you build strength before attempting a standard pushup.


→ Start by getting into a high plank-like position from your knees.

→ Maintain a straight line from your head to the knees. Eventually, bend your elbows to lower yourself down to the ground. Maintain your elbows at an angle of 45-degrees.

→ Push yourself back to start.

Straight-leg donkey kick:

This form of exercise builds up your glutes.


→ Start by getting on all fours by aligning your hands with the shoulders and your knees with your hips.

→ Keep your back straight. Move on to pushing your right foot, imagining there is an imaginary wall behind you while keeping your leg straight.

→ Throughout the process, you should keep your legs flexed. Remember to take care that you keep your hips square to the ground.

→ Return to your starting position and repeat for the desired number of reps. And then move on to your other leg.

Many such exercises are available in abundance over the internet and on applications that you can download on your phones.

If you don’t want to strictly involve yourself into exercising at a particular time and just want to lose weight without exercising, there are a few good options to that as well,

  • Clean your house: It helps you to move around inside your home and can also, in turn, make it look more presentable from the mess you made earlier.
  • Trying doing the dishes: If cleaning dishes involve cleaning your house activity, you’ve already achieved it. But, if you just want a little movement because you’re tired of sitting ideally in your house, then you might as well clean some dishes.
  • Try to keep standing while you cook: Even if your dish will require 30 minutes or less to prepare, then just wait inside the kitchen and keep an eye on it rather than being comfy over the couch.
  • And if you are into more of an outdoorsy person then cycling or if you know how to use roller skates. You can enjoy your time in doing that as well.

Exercise is not necessary, but it is undoubtedly essential.

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And if you’re planning to start exercising, remember these few key points:
  • Always start with a warmup.
  • Remember to involve some form of cardio workout.
  • Try to incorporate strength-building exercises and some exercises which can help you with your flexibility.
  • And finally, something to cool you down.
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