The Age of the marriage of Women to be raised to 21?

The Age of the marriage of Women to be raised to 21?


With the 74th Indian Independence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi went ahead and addressed the nation that the Government will be reviewing the marriage age for women along with equal job opportunities for them.

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Marriage has to be a personal choice of a woman and a man with their state of mind and their position to what they understand about life and with whom they would like to share it.

With various laws that try to stop the age-old ‘tradition’ of unification of a man with a girl with significant age differences, which ventures many cases that highlights that the girls have not even been into their monthlies.

With the recent announcement by PM Modi, the Indian Government will yet again go under the process of reiterating the minimum Age of marriage for women.

With the notion that the man has to be bigger, more educated, earning than his wife has made questions that arise under inequalities. Whereas Women are restricted from all these boundaries just because females get mature faster?

The terminology of Equality

Questioning the Rights of Women and Men and having equal opportunities at every step in life is vital for any individual even if they don’t fall under the Umbrella of which locates them to be Men or Women.

The minimum legal Age to get married for men is 21 years old, and women are 18. When we talk about repudiating a marriage, which means that if any individual, be it the man or the woman in the marriage are bound to declare the marriage as nonvalid or void. Here the timeframe to nullify a union if a girl or a boy falls under the legal Age of getting married is two years after they cross adult-hood, which gives girls a time frame until they are 20 years old, which is not an age for anyone to speak up or think in that frame of mind.

With this in question, the threat of immature pregnancies and eloping rises, which is indeed not great for anyone’s mental and physical health. Especially women.

It boils down to not just being about the rights for the Age of boundaries to get married. Still, women and men of this generation and the further need to come to know the basic moralities of the law, which revolves around their free way of living and marriage.

The conflation of the Age of Marriage and the Age of Consent

We as Indians block our minds towards the topic of Consent. Considering marriage as the legal notice of Consent isn’t law, it isn’t justified.

And thus raises the impartiality and parallel understandings of what a marriage is and what Consent means.

We have to accept that a particular individual is bound to get attracted to someone else after a certain amount of time. And with their Consent, with the awareness of mind, body, and soul, they can progress ahead with sexual activities.

I am tagging the legal tag of intercourse after marriage, considering Consent and the Age of getting married, as the same is the mockery of synonyms.

There shouldn’t be a legal age to get married. There is no legality when it comes to marriage; it is the state of mind of two individuals which collide to the same intuitions. The only background that raised the law (Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006) was to stop child marriages in India. Which prevailed under are noses with no issues whatsoever.

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But, if men have the chance to broaden their horizons by exploring the world before getting married or are bound by rituals, then women are equally obliged to that platform to that understanding as well.

And it is not just about the women or the men; it is about every individual who falls out of the Umbrella, which only shelters being a man or a woman.

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