‘Amber Heard was Physically and Verbally Abusive to Me’, says Johnny Depp

‘Amber Heard was Physically and Verbally Abusive to Me’, says Johnny Depp


Despite controversies, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor Johnny Depp fans love him. The fans expressed their support to the actor in the ongoing libel case, claiming him to have abused his ex-wife Amber Heard.

On July 14, he was seen hugging a fan outside the London court. The female fan brought him a bouquet.

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johnny depp
Johnny Depp hugging a fan outside court (Image Source: The Mirror)

Johnny Depp has accused his ex-wife of defaming him in an op-ed. He argued that it had negatively affected his career. Four days after the op-ed was published, Johnny was dropped from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.’

Timeline of events
  • Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s relationship began in 2011.
  • They got married in 2015.
  • Amber filed a divorce in 2016, accusing Johnny of verbal and physical abuse.
  • They got divorced in 2017.
  • In 2018, Amber Heard wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post, expressing her voice for women empowerment. She also told her incidents of abuse and harassment. Though Johnny’s name wasn’t mentioned, it damaged his reputation severely.
  • In 2019, Johnny Depp filed a defamation lawsuit against Amber for falsely accusing him of the op-ed. He blamed her for domestic abuse. She filed a motion to dismiss the complaint against her.
  • In 2020, Johnny filed a libel case against the Sun newspaper for calling him a ‘wifebeater.’
johnny depp
Ex-spouses Amber Heard and Johnny Depp (Image Source: Insider)
  • Both parties have accused each other of domestic abuse.

But before the court passes any judgment, the media and the public started declaring their verdict- Who’s at fault? Who should be punished? Isn’t the society which is at fault? Coming to judgment so quickly and pronouncing results.

Media Trial

In the case of Johnny Depp, the media itself did an investigation and declared the results. They accused him even before the court’s orders.

This is called ‘Media Trial.’

Johnny Depp
Image Source: Foundation for Media Professionals

Look at the example of the Sun newspaper. The newspaper printed an article in 2018 where it called Johnny Depp a ‘wifebeater,’ claiming that there was sufficient evidence that he hit Amber.

Johnny has filed a defamation lawsuit against the Sun newspaper. His lawyers argue that the allegations are baseless and have seriously injured his reputation.

After the article was published, Johnny was removed from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise. More recently, his future role in the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ movie franchise hangs in the middle.

It’s not fair on the part of the media to prove the allegations and deliver justice before the court. A proper court trial has to be conducted and not a media trial. The role of media is to inform the public about both sides. All the perspectives should be heard, and then the people must decide.

Society is too quick to judge Johnny Depp

The #MeToo movement has no doubt empowered the females to break the long-held silence and share their stories against assault, harassment, and abuse by men. We have openly supported them, sometimes without asking if the allegations are true.

Johnny Depp
Image Source: racolb legal

After Me too wave, we began believing all women as if they can not lie.

No doubt, it is a brave act for a woman who has been the victim of sexual harassment to come forward. So we don’t question them and pass our judgments too swiftly- “All men are a dog.” We started asking the male privileges.

If men are afraid, then they did wrong. But even for a second, we have not thought of the other side. What if the allegations are not accurate? And the men are only terrified by the false claims. Untrue rape accusations have serious consequences. Men have to pay the price of their careers, reputations, and mental health.

#HimToo and #MenToo movements
mentoo movement
Image Source: Vartha Bharathi

Survivors were brave enough to speak up against harassment following the ‘Me Too’ movement. But it received backlash when men’s rights activists started speculating the impact of fabricated sexual assaults cases against them.

This gave birth to the countermovement of ‘Him Too’ and ‘Men Too.’

The men’s rights activist states that there are many laws to protect women from harassment, but there are none for men. The lack of gender-neutral laws makes it easier for men to fall prey to false acquisitions made by women. They are worried about little legal help and emotional support.

me too movement
Image Source: Phys.org

Gender Equality doesn’t mean talking solely about women. In its real sense, it means talking about all the genders: men, women, and trans having equal rights, equal responsibilities, and equal opportunities.

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#MenToo must come forward and speak up against wrong. Anyone who has suffered pain and abuse must step forward. But till the time those allegations are proven to be correct following a fair trial, we must consider both sides.

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