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Understanding the behavior of your Rabbit

Behavior & Understanding Your Rabbit Body Language Your rabbit can speak to you without uttering a word! Here is what their primary movements mean… Binky (a high jump and kick in the air accompanied by head shaking head) = happiness, playfulness Bunloaf (like a ‘brooding hen’) = relaxing, […]

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How to get your Rabbit a friend?

Getting Your Rabbit a Friend & Bonding Although rabbits are social creatures and live in a warren hierarchy, they are unique in that you cannot just put them together and expect them to get along. When they are in love, it’s the most wonderful thing to observe. When […]

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House rabbit’s health and upkeep

Toilet/Litter Training Your Rabbit Poop & Pee – An Overview Rabbits excrete a myriad of poop shapes and a rainbow of pee colors. These shapes and colors will tell you a lot about your rabbit’s health. Normal poops should be large, uniform in shape and size, and have […]


What makes your rabbit cute?

The majority of pet rabbits have flatter, shorter faces than wild rabbits. However, rabbits with flat faces are at higher risk of developing considerable health problems, including painful dental problems. The aim of the research conducted by the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, The University of Nottingham […]