The Incredible Artists who made your Lockdown Amazing!


Binge-watching day and night is something we love to do. We have seen so many Artists trending in Lockdown. Things trending yesterday are not in trend anymore. This is how the 2020 flows.

We have seen Youtube expand its provisions from a few creators to an uncountable chart of users. Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter have all along with others been booming as a platform for users to enhance or to connect to the other side of the world.

It is essential to understand how hard it is to be an influencer or a creator.

India has seen many youtube creators like Prajakta Kholi, Bhuvan Bam, Shivankit Parihar, Kanan Gill, Ajey Nagar, aka Carry Minati, and many more who have been on this platform for a very long time.

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From Prajakta Koli, a Youtuber, Blogger from Mumbai started creating content over Youtube since 2015 to Bhuvan Bam On making characters who are one of a kind—discussing ongoing topics using his creations of varied characterization, a 26-year-old from Delhi.

Prajakta Koli is now launching her movie, which released on the 9th of July 2020, Khyali Pulao. At the same time, Bhuvan Bam has composed many original pieces of music, such as Sang-hoon tere, Safar, and more. He is also the first Indian Youtube who has crossed the line of 10 million subscribers. He will be releasing his new song Heer Ranjha on the 13th of July.

Another Youtube creator, Carry Minati. He is a 21-year-old Indian Youtuber making contents in the zone of comedy, Rapping, and gaming. This young creator reacts to various online topics such as Big Boss or Tik Tok.

In 2020 Carry made a video titling to “Youtube Vs. Tik Tok – The End,” which was taken down by Youtube due to violation of their policies. The video particularly highlighted how Carry roasted Amir Siddiqui for his grammar slip-ups, using hashtags to gain attention and gaining sympathy through his videos. This lead to many ‘Minati followers’ to support him via twitter, making #justiceforcarry trendy.

tiktok vs youtube

Lockdown has made people watch videos of content that pleases their eyes over and over again.

Shivankit Singh Parihar, a Youtube Actor, is known for his appearances in TVF’s Web series Like TVF Bachelors, Shuruaat Ka Interval, Raja Rabish Kumar and Cubicles. It is another artist that people look forward to watching or rather binge on his creativeness.

Moving to another Youtube Channel of Netflix India, which came up with ‘Behensplaining’ featuring Shristi Dixit and Kusha Kapila where they review movies such as Stree, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Love Aaj Kal, Dil Chahta hai, The end of the F***ing World, Kabir Singh and many more.

Their humorous form of portrayal, along with slashing commentary, has made people love their work. During this season of Lockdown, they sit back at home and continue to bring Behensplaning.

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Well, some would say they are similar in comparison to Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyanrat’s Pretentious Movie Reviews. But, they bring out a new form of seasoning what they call ‘A glass half full’ with more to discover.

Artists from all over the internet

Looking at these artists, it has made way for more budding aspirants to come forward and showcase their artistic side to the world.

Towards a more distinctive art of conveying messages through their work comes these artists such as Vimal Chandran, a Visual Artist, and a photographer. He Engages his followers to shape their minds in a creative format.

Another such Artist Swarnavo Datta, creatively indulges his talents and helps people learn different techniques along with him.

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Day 10: ARABIAN . . . This prompt was difficult…at first. Yesterday I sat with the ipad and asked myself, what is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the word Arabian? Well thanks to years of conditioning all I could think of was Arabian Nights (and a few others revolving around food…Shawarma and Al Faham!!!!!!!!!). I decided to go down that lane in my head, shuffling through various memories related to me watching Aladdin at 6PM every evening while eating Maggi. That is when this long forgotten memory came up. When I was a kid, someone gifted me a bunch of pop-up books. I had never seen anything like that. You open a page, and with each page opens up a world of characters and buildings 'popping' out of the page. Making the story so much more exciting. One of those books happened to be Arabian Nights. The original story (not the Disney version). . . . Now as a kid, I loved reading. I would have a book with me wherever I went. Reading at night, after parents put me to bed had a whole different excitement to it. Of course I was supposed to sleep, but I guess every book lover has this one memory of going under the blanket with a book and a torch to read into the night. One of my first memories of reading under the blanket is with this Arabian Nights pop-up book. Now back in the day I did not have a torch. This was early 90s, so of course mobile phones were not there. However, I had a battery operated toy car. This car had headlights that could provide enough light for me to read the book. This illustration is a representation of that very memory. Me hiding under the blanket with the toy car and the Arabian Nights pop-up book.

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More from this square screen, Instagram has many artists in different forms who are growing abundantly.

Team Naach, Daniel Ashram, Baksy, Andrea Zittel, Sarah Modak, Asfa Sabrin, Gaurav Ogale and many more.

Team Naach is a community that focuses on building a place for beginners to learn new ways of discovering dance.

Whilst for Daniel Ashram, his art revolves around the design and architecture, all captured through his Instagram pictures and video clips.

Many of these creative headed people have now been stranded away from their families. Some seek salvation to their artistic sides, and for some, it is just regular. All across the globe, such as Best Dressed, aka Ashley:

Zakir Khan:

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Happy Father’s Day!

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Ayush Kalra:

Artist comes in great diversity like their work. Many artists have and are still ingeniously continuing to bestow their talents across various social media platforms. Indeed, artists are even not seen for their potential. And for the few newcomers, it becomes challenging and less creative.

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Art is a part of you not apart from you.

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