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Shichi Upadhyay

Shichi is a budding Engineer from Mumbai. She loves to read and write, paint, draw, or sketch at times. And currently, she is trying to live up to my artistic side by creating content.

Artificial Intelligence

How will Artificial Intelligence affect the future Human Workforce?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer an artifact of science fiction; It exists all around us in the world. AI is the handyman that can automate simple tasks and drastically improve all our lives. The recently launched Artificial Intelligence tool GPT-3 has been causing a stir online. Because […]


5 Things One Should Not Say To Their FRIENDS

Bonds with Family members make come with borderline obligations and at times with inconvenience. Friends, on the other hand, are the total opposite. They are the antidote that takes your burdens away. Also Read: Surprise your Best Friend with these Amazing 12 Friendship Day Gifts Ideas Friends exist […]