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Shichi Upadhyay

Shichi is a budding Engineer from Mumbai. She loves to read and write, paint, draw, or sketch at times. And currently, she is trying to live up to my artistic side by creating content.

Coronavirus vaccine Covid-19

World’s First Coronavirus Vaccine after successful clinical trials: Russia

Sechenov University in Russia claimed that the vaccine trials for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on Volunteers had been completed successfully. The Sechnevov First Moscow State Medical University on their website said that they had begun clinical trials on June 18. This Vaccine was Fabricated by Russia’s Gamaleya Institute of […]

lord shiva

11 Shiva temples to visit this Shravan

Shravan is considered to be the fifth month according to the Hindu Calendar, it’s always good to visit Shiva temples and worship him in this month. This auspicious month is devoted to Lord Shiva, the creator, and destroyer. It is said that worshipping Lord Shiva around this time […]