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Shichi Upadhyay

Shichi is a budding Engineer from Mumbai. She loves to read and write, paint, draw, or sketch at times. And currently, she is trying to live up to my artistic side by creating content.

lake man

Who is the Lake Man of India? Protector of the Environment

“I want to help plants and animals and water by being their servants. I will spend my entire life here.” pledges Kame Gowda. Kame Gowda also known as Lake Man is an 82-year-old Shepard from Daasanadoddi village in Mandya district of Karnataka. It’s been ages people have been […]


Power of Petitions, How can it bring a Change?

Petitions have always been the one essential apparatus to justify the needs of the citizens of a particular area without focusing on the needs of just one individual. Do petitions even make any change? Petitions are a powerful tool to showcase the transparency and the connectivity between the […]

education in india

Education Scenario in India

India is going through phases of lockdown with lashes of a World-wide Pandemic. The causes affected the daily chores of an individual. Pandemic also affected the Education of the youth of the country. Before COVID-19, Everything was going smooth, as the matter became crucial, everything was shut down, […]