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Coronavirus vaccine Covid-19

Government is Discussing, Who will receive the COVID-19 vaccine first?

The central government is actively deliberating on who will be the recipients of the COVID-19 vaccine first. Discussions have centered around various stakeholders for it. However, no date for vaccine availability has been announced yet.  Also Read: India Crossed 12,00,000 Coronavirus Cases, A Timeline of Pandemic’s Spread in […]

Brother-Sister Jodi

Raksha Bandhan Special: 8 Brother-Sister Jodi of Bollywood

We always talk about celebrity couples and their relationship, but today we’ll take a look at celebrity Brother-Sister Jodi of Bollywood. Every year with Rakshabhandhan, we celebrate the fun, zesty, and naughty moments of brother-sister relationship. There is no set of words to describe the pure and loving […]