BB Ki Vines: Titu Talks Episode 3, Tears Rolls Down As We Watch Bhuvan Bam’s Latest Video

BB Ki Vines: Titu Talks Episode 3, Tears Rolls Down As We Watch Bhuvan Bam’s Latest Video

YouTuber Bhuvan Bam just won the hearts of netizens after releasing his latest episode of Titu Talks. He addressed the issue which unfortunately many YouTubers have lately failed to acknowledge. In his Titu Talks Episode 3 video, titled, “Lifelines of Society,” Bhuvan interviewed people from different communities which are significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic: migrant workers, farmers, LGBTQ+ and also the heroes who have been helping and assisting those in need. The nearly 15 minutes video is too powerful, and it left netizens emotional, who thanked the YouTuber for talking about the real crisis, our country is facing at this moment. #BBKiVines started to trend on Twitter, with funny, yet emotional memes going viral on the microblogging platform.

Recently, everyone was busy exploiting the YouTube vs TikTok controversy. The online feud continued to grow, without people making memes and some even going ahead to give low ratings for TikTok on Google Play Store app. Amid the online debate, Bhuvan used his influence for the better. He interviewed families, like migrant workers who are stuck during the crisis, farmers, whose businesses have interrupted, LGBTQ community, which are significantly ignored ever since one can recall and also those who in this difficult time came out and helped people in need. The interview rightly made people emotional, and netizens agreed, how we are getting diverted from the actual issue that we are facing at this moment. Towards the end of the video he also added, the money that he collects from this video will be donated to various organisations for the underprivileged.

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