Boys Locker Room Instagram Chat Group busted, boys said we will Rape them together.

Boys Locker Room Instagram Chat Group busted, boys said we will Rape them together.

An Instagram user busted a group of underage boys from 10th class to 12th, where they shared pictures of mostly underage age girls without their consent.

If that wasn’t enough, they have gone as far as rating their picture, objectifying them to commenting obscene things about these girls. These boys were mostly underage and were inflicted by the deeds of the actual locker room.

It’s not common to people, that boy’s talks and shares some obscene stuff about a girl when they are in the locker room and they are bound with the bro code to not leak it out of the group.

Some guy from the group took the step of becoming a snitcher and bring it to everyone’s attention. Instagrammers who have shared the screenshots and stood against this incident are being harassed and their id has been tried to hack. This too didn’t stop them from speaking up, they moved to twitter to elucidate the deeds of these boys.

These boys are mostly from Delhi and are school going boys. In a country where Nirbhaya’s rape case the minor culprit was set free to live his life after spending 3 years in juvenile jail. I think this has become a new normal for young boys out there.

They even went on to share the nudes of their friends, who may have trusted them with it. After their Instagram group was busted, they went on to create a new group on Snapchat and included some of their female friends. Not only this, but their chat also seems to portray they fantasize about rape culture as well.

What more could be saddening for all the women in India, that these underage boy’s parents failed to teach them the respect they need to give to their fellow citizens, irrespective of their gender. After being shamed, it seems like nothing affects them. They will keep moving from one platform to another and so on if no strict action takes place against them.

I pity their female friends who are trying to defend these boys. They make you believe in the phrase, “women are their own worst enemies”. Those girls whose pictures were circulated should not feel ashamed about it. It’s not their fault that some bunch of future possible criminals circulated their picture. They are not the ones at fault.

They have the support of every ethical person. Kudos to those people who are still fighting back and speaking, even if they were not the people affected by this group. We hope, more people like them have the courage to speak up.

You can read the thread to their chats below. All screenshots are shared by @ashnaasharma @anuvaa @niskanagpal

Girls are emotionally blackmailed to share their nudes with the one, they think they love. They put all that trust in that person. Every girl thinks, that this guy can’t do something like this. Girls to watch out for themselves, till the time we get rid of perverts like these boys.

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