C19Raksha: A 25-YO Hacker develops a lightweight AI-based website to fight corona

C19Raksha: A 25-YO Hacker develops a lightweight AI-based website to fight corona


COVID 19 has been wreaking havoc on the world for almost eight months now. We have seen Arogya Setu, C19Raksha, and many other techs fighting COVID 19. Humankind is putting up a brave fight against it and advances newer technologies to make this fight less robust.

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25-year-old Bharath Kumar Gayam, a certified hacker from Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur district, invented the C19Raksha website in just five days. The techie, along with his team, pledged to help the country’s battle against the novel coronavirus.

How does the C19Raksha website work?

With minimum internet usage, the C19Raksha website will track the COVID 19 symptoms and aid people self-access the risks. The results are generated within 2 minutes.

All the users need to do is answer 11 simple Yes/No questions on the website, such as whether the applicant has a headache, travel history, difficulty breathing, fever, etc. The items will concern both symptomatic and asymptomatic behavior of the virus.

Bharath Kumar further explained, “After entering the details in the yes/no format, at the end of the test it will show the instant result of risk level in the three forms low/medium/high calculated using algorithmic programming.”

The data obtained from the High-Risk applicants are forwarded to the health department via mail. From that, the officials will take appropriate measures to determine the applicants facing the risk of the virus. The C19Raksha site also displays the probable precautions to be made by the Low and Medium Risk applicant.

Bharath said, “So far, all over the country, there are at least 89,700 beneficiaries of the web application. 6470 High-Risk applicants have been tracked down to date.”

Bharat tells us about the motivation behind the C19Raksha website

Dismayed to see the loss of innocent lives due to the virus, Bharath decided to help the country with this noble mission.

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He said, ” Though the state and the central government had been attempting their best in dealing with the pandemic situation, the corona cases were increasing all over the country. It was disheartening to see the loss of innocent lives due to the infection.”

He added, “ Hence, with the help of my team members, I decided to take part in the country’s battle against the virus and developed a simple AI-based C19Raksha Website, in five days since I began.”

Bharath managed to devise the technology all by himself in five days. The entire application involved two things- buying off the C19Raksha website domain for Rs. 800 and Bharath’s and his team’s hard work and determination.  

Bharath Kumar Gayam: The Tech Wizard

The recipient of the Karamveer Chakra India, Bharath Kumar Gayam, has come a long way in pursuance of his dream. He is a Youth Icon and inspiration to millions. Despite challenges, this technical Guru has always believed in himself. He shared his story about how it all started.

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Bharath was only in 7th class when he wanted to master the world of computers.  His father gifted him with a machine on his birthday. He used to learn about computer hardware from his brother-in-law, who studied IT. Curious Bharath ran numerous experiments on the device.    

When Bharath heard the term “hacking” for the first time, he became so curious that he began researching it. Someone defined the meaning of the word ‘hackers’ to him as “those who can control the whole world with their fingers.”

And eventually, he turned into an EC-Council certified ‘Ethical Hacker.’ Explaining about his job, Bharath said, “Ethical Hackers find the loopholes in the system/network with the permission of the target owner. They constantly seek further knowledge, freely share what they have discovered, and never intentionally damage data. I have personally taken part in training youths for defending the cyber-attacks, and assisted the Police Departments to get hold of the cybercriminals.”

Bharath is also a co-founder of Bengaluru-origin SPYRY Technologies. Established in 2015, the company helps corporates to identify their cyber-vulnerabilities and prevent hacking by fraudulent hackers.

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Attempting for Limca Books of Records in 2017, Bharath, and his team successfully pulled a record for a non-stop cybersecurity marathon. They set a record of 50 hrs of non-stop training program without sleep, breaking the previous one at 36 hrs.

Bharath has also been the recipient of the Global Young Leaders Fellowship, India Star Youth Icon Award, Rashtriya Gaurav Samman, National Youth Icon Award, to name a few.

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