Can India beat China in a border war?

Can India beat China in a border war?


In recent events, we have seen Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s surprise visit to Ladhak. A surprise visit from PM Narendra Modi tells us about the seriousness of the tension between India and China at Galwan Valley. India had already banned 59 Chinese apps after a rise in pressure on the border.

It all started way back, we are seeing the tension between India and China for a long time now. It accelerated after our soldiers were attacked by the Chinese army. Just imagine, if both India and China decided to go to full-on war. Both countries are superpowers but can you think of a result?

The usual silent morning of Galwan valley in Ladakh was crushed by the roaring sound of the jet just passing through it. It is uncommon to spot a jet-like that in such a high altitude and other increased armed activities in Galwan valley, but due to the tension between India and China such demonstration of military presence and domination, it was entirely predictable.

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Indian and China world’s 2nd largest and the largest populated countries share a nearly 4000 km border between them called LAC – Line of Actual Control, which can be broadly divided into three parts. The eastern sector spans Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim, the middle area in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, and the western sector in Ladakh. It’s the sector of the west, which has seen the most conflict between the history of these two countries.

1962 India China War

The 1962 Indo China war ended with the loss of an area of nearly 5000 km square from the Indian side, which is known as Aksai Chin, which saw conflict one more time after almost 25 yrs. Number one reason behind that is the LAC unlike LOC is not defined by any physical fence or mark it is mainly characterized by valleys, rivers and army post that’s why the no of conflict is higher at this region another reason might be the weather as during summer the snow melts in the area hence the no of patrolling are increased and so the no of conflict.

india china war

In the recent incident, Indian lost 20 soldiers, including a Colonel, and some other soldiers were captured as well. However, there is no such official no given by China about there casualties, which is estimated to 40. More than 3 Corp Commander level meeting had been organized, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

On the one hand, our PM claims that China was unable to penetrate Indian territory. The satellite images by drones show Chinese armed forces up to 5 km into the Indian side, and China is also denying any violation of LAC and stated that it was the Indian troops who crossed the LAC.

Current Scenario of India and China

China is facing multiple criticisms by all directions, which include possibly facing the second wave of COVID – 19, pressure from WHO, and the other powerful countries like the USA, UK, and Germany for not letting researchers from these countries enter China and investigate the origin of the virus.

China is also not doing very well with international relations as the activity in the South China Sea by American carriers. The same point of time the Hong Kong extradition law is a significant concern for it. The recent donation was given by China to the WHO was 2 Billion $ and China promised to keep it continuing, which is not easy at the time of economic depression. But instead of all that problem, China does not want to appear as a weak nation in any way.

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India which is the 4th worst affected country by a pandemic with nearly 6 Lakh cases is also facing a lot of challenges including economic instability, unemployment and the claim made by Nepal on the Kalapani region in Uttarakhand which is a shock for us as Nepal has been a friendly nation of India for more than six decades. The situation of both countries shows that these countries are struggling on their own, and external conflict is the last thing they want at this point.

India and China Military Comparison

If we talk about the military powers of the country than India has approx 1,444,000 however China has 2,183,00 active personal in armed forces. India has 2,100,00 reserve personnel who can join armed forced with in 3 days, while china has only 510,000. Indian Air force has 520 Fighter with Sukhoi, Mig-21, Rafale etc. China has around 1459 advance fighter jet. Both countries give neck to neck competition on Navy.

Given the current situation China is using Pakistan to push his soldier towards LOC and also helping Nepal to go against India. India may not have artillery or man power as much as China. But let me remind you it was our Indian Soldier who killer fought for 72 hours with Chinese army alone .

India has better leadership and allies than China. America, Israel and Russia has already come ahead to help India in the situation. America is setting his army camps in middle east to tackle situation. US sent 2 aircraft carriers ships to South China Sea to corner China.

The recent talk between army commanders of the two countries lasted for more than 15 hrs, and both countries agreed for a further enhanced discussion. When every such conflict in the past was resolved by local commander level talk, let’s hope the same thing happens this time as well because “WE DON’T NEED WAR.”

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