Can Men and Women be Just Friends? Understanding Friendship this Friendship Day 2020

Can Men and Women be Just Friends? Understanding Friendship this Friendship Day 2020


From helping you understand Complex Integration at the peak of midnight to being your fashion rescue force, friends come in different forms.

If it isn’t clear yet, “Just friends” is a term. And quite evidently exists.

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We all must have those exceptional friends who are not of the same sex and yet go rhythmically with our essence. They understand us more than anyone. And are always there with us emotionally.

If you need to understand the concept of Eigenvalues, it doesn’t matter if it is 3 am you just have to ping him. And he will be there to explain it to you from scratch; the concepts are what matters. Just imagine you need to get dressed for an occasion, or you are getting ready for your first date ever, and you are far off from being into fashion. And she is just one text or a call away in rescuing you like a 911 call.

friends friendship

Having friends of the opposite sex does not mean you cannot be B.F.F.s. There are times movies and various tv series do depict that a girl and a boy can never remain just friends. But that is just quintessential. Yet there are exceptions,

  • Phoebe and Joey, F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  • Harry and Hermione, Harry Potter Series.
  • Janice and Damian, Mean Girls.
  • Mulder and Scully, The X Files.
  • Steve and Robin, Stranger things.

And many more.

During your friendship, if you feel,
  • It’s never the wrong time to call him even if it’s past his bedtime.
  • Or that it doesn’t matter that you talk to her about your vivid dreams or hallucinations or snack on corrupt politicians.
  • And that you can trust her with anything and everything because all your other guy friends are just interested in video games.
  •  And whenever there is some news in context to being joyful or unfortunate, it is him whom you approach first and share everything in detail.
  • And at times, she knows you better than anyone, even yourself.
  • Or that his patience and love towards you makes you feel precious at times.
  • Or how she helps you initiate those awkward talks with other girls making it seamlessly smooth.
  • And how he makes you feel that you’re not alone and gives you the best advice no one else can ever suggest.
  • Or that the both of you will point out the potential partners you’re dating. And will always be genuine of what you think about them.
  • And that you both know you have each other’s back no matter what.
  • And are willing to love despite the flaws, forever?

Then you have earned a best friend. And quite likely the friend is not of the same sex.

Hold such emergency contacts somewhere safe because they are precious. That’s what friends are for! And aren’t you lucky to have a friend like that?

What can one make out of this?

Can a girl and a boy be just friends? There are times the answer remains to be NO.

friends friendship

But, ignoring the facts of friendships that turn into relationships. It is known that being friends first and then something beyond is quite useful. But, that doesn’t imply that a girl and a boy cannot be just friends.

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And it is essential to have some influence of the opposite sex in your life as it not only opens a door into exploring various things but you also get to learn aspects that you never thought of the friendship between the opposite sex is not impossible. However, it does require someone who fits to understand you. Because communicating clearly and significantly is highly essential.

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