Carry Minati goes viral again, this time by attacking LGBTQIA community

Carry Minati goes viral again, this time by attacking LGBTQIA community

So the recent hype on the internet is the Carry Minati Youtube video. He has released two videos where he bashes tik toker video makers. Though I’m not a fan of Carry Minati the buzz made me watch both his videos. Also, I’m not on Tik Tok and do not plan to be on it in the near future. I won’t say never, because if I’ve learned one thing in life is never say never.
Coming back to his video, both videos were funny and it did make me laugh. Because let’s agree, most of us wish that Tik Tok is banned someday. But in mid the mid of those two videos, there were times when it felt cringe-worthy.

Here are the two videos, if you haven’t seen it already. you watch it be the judge yourself.

I am guilty of laughing at the cheap jokes he made, not a Tik Tok fan. But then I couldn’t ignore the subtle hate he displayed against the LGBTQIA community. I saw how he choose to bash those young boys and completely ignored the fact that girls too are on Tiktok. His comments were mostly made on the guys who choose to put makeup on or dress like a girl. I quote him “Lipstick Laga Ke famous hue ho tum”.
Though I’m not well-versed about the LGBTQIA community from what I know they are struggling to fight the same stereotypes.
It worries me how popular the video has become. It is proof of modern society’s deed imbibed phobia for the LGBTQIA community.
Carry Minati is a self-made man, I hope he learns to respect the struggles of others while being funny at the same time.

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