CarryMinati’s Video got deleted from Youtube

CarryMinati’s Video got deleted from Youtube

CarryMinati is a popular Youtuber who is popular for his roast videos. His most recent video, Youtube Vs Tik Tok has managed to attract a lot of attention. His fan following has shown constant growth since he started his Youtube channel. Currently, it has over 16.4 million subscribers which adds him to the list of most-viewed Indian Youtubers.

His recent video, “The End” was removed by youtube, due to the violation of youtube community standards. Youtube removed the video stating that the video is promoting the cyberbullying and harassment.

In the video, Carry Minati had taken a direct hit at Amir Siddiqui and has pointed out that TikTok videos don’t have quality and does not allow to make videos with longer durations. The videos can go up to a minute and Carry Minati says that Tik Tok creators only make videos that span mere seconds. He also mentioned that TikTokers make a huge number of videos that do not have good quality because they never show anything worthwhile and relevant. 

After the CarryMinati’s video Amir Siddqui has also responded with a video. Amir talks about how the carry’s video is an example of cyberbullying. He also shared #amiragainstcyberbullying with his fans. However, his video gained more dislikes than likes. There is a constant battle going on between YouTubers vs tiktokers and now it has shifted to Carryminati’s fans versus Amir’s fan. Carry’s fans are so angry about the video that got reported and removed.

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