Corona Warriors of Delhi, Send 600+ Migrants Home

Corona Warriors of Delhi, Send 600+ Migrants Home


We have seen migrants workers walking miles without food and water to reach their homes. Somehow, we have felt their pain of survival in this pandemic.

A lot of people came together and joined their forces to help migrant workers. We have seen Corona Warriors like Sonu Sood, who is working day and night to send migrant workers their home. He has managed to send several migrant workers to their home from Mumbai.

If Mumbai has Sonu Sood, then Delhi also has a young group of friends who are working tirelessly to help migrant workers. Meet Ramandeep, Gargi, and their team, who have managed to send 600 migrant workers to their home.

They started as four friends(Ramandeep, Gargi, Shalu, Manish) who were willing to help migrant workers. As their journey went, other passionate people joined.

“I saw a report on BBC Hindi by Salman Ravi, sir, on 2nd June, wherein I noticed that a lot of migrants have no money and no mobile phones. It kinda struck me hard. I told my mother she was willing to donate, but we had no source. Then I asked my mother that I need to start this, and she supported me. Later I shared it with Gargi, Manish, and Shalu. All of them helped and joined in. We decided to go to the ground, just Gargi and me, because our areas are safe. Manish couldn’t travel from Greater Noida due to the border sealing, and Shalu’s area was a containment zone.”

The next day, when they were in the ground, they noted around 18 names of migrants workers who really needed their help. They needed 23 thousand rupees in the next 10 hours to help them because the train tickets were actually costly due to the unavailability of Sleeper. They collected 12 thousand rupees, booked six tickets to Mumbai, Deoria, and Bihar.

Ramandeep and Gargi maintained the operations and logistic part on the ground, while Shalu and Manish used to raise funds online.
Their team extended as Vijay, Vikas Mishra, Preeti, Poras joined into volunteering for food donations and bringing in more people.

“Vikas bhaiya helped us with some contacts who arrange buses. He introduced us to Chandrajeet along with other teams like Janman group, United Sikhs, and migrants help group. They feed people, send then home via buses, and give extended food for their journey.” Ramandeed added

They got limelight after a news coverage from NDTV. Sonu Sood has also appreciated their move to help migrant workers. After the news coverage, they have managed a good donation of 2.5lac rupees.

In their journey, they had few obstacles, as privileged ones want to go back free, which creates hustle for the poor. They have to deny them ruthlessly because sometimes privileged ones were not listening to them.

When asked about the support from locals and Police, Ramandeep said, “Police are really cooperative, and they are doing their work so well. Even they are helping people to send back home.

They are just regular people like us. Ramandeep and Gargi are journalists, Shalu is interning a lawyer, Manish is music composer, Vikas is an accountant, Vijay is a content writer, and Preeti is a social worker. And yet they are working for the betterment of the migrant workers. They have sent 600 workers to their home and raised 2.5lac rupees, that’s really a significant number.

Let’s hope that many more will come ahead in this pandemic to help others. Kudos to the young team of Delhi helping migrant workers.

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