India Crossed 12,00,000 Coronavirus Cases, A Timeline of Pandemic’s Spread in The Country

India Crossed 12,00,000 Coronavirus Cases, A Timeline of Pandemic’s Spread in The Country


Coronavirus has put everyone in the shackles of the most drastic term, ‘The Pandemic.’ And the search to relieve again continues.

India is currently running with over 45,000 cases recorded in a day, pushing the mark to over 1,200,000 in total positives. India now has the most significant number of confirmed cases in the whole of Asia. And ranks third over the world after the States and Brazil.

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COVID-19 is a worldwide pandemic that originated from China struck in 2019, caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

Coronavirus Timeline with Series of Events that followed in India:


  • India began thermal screenings of passengers that came from China on 21st. Initially, it was within seven airports and then expanded to 22 by the end of January.
  • The first Covid-19 positive case that India witnessed was in January on the 30th in Kerela—reaching a mark of 3 cases by February 3rd.
  • These cases were reported as the students returning from Wuhan.
  • In February, the screenings were extended to the passengers that came from Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia.
  • The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) admitted that airport screening alone was insufficient.


  • There were no significant cases in India until March 4th, when about 22 new examples were seen, which included 14 infected cases from an Italian tourist group.
  • Soon people started testing positive, and it was reported that they were the ones with travel history. And the chain of affected people was also calculated as positive.
  • On March 12th, 2020, India saw its first patient of a 76-year-old with a travel history to Saudi Arabia lost his life due to the virus in Karnataka.
  • By March 13th, India suspended all tourist visas and OCI entries.
  • India declared a ‘Janata Curfew’ on March 22nd. Also, all international flights to India were suspended.
  • On March 25th, a Nationwide lockdown commenced for 21 days making all public transports to be shut, which included all the trains, flights, and metros.
  • Termed as the “Super Spreader,” a Shik preacher who had the travel history to Italy and Germany attended a Shik festival in Anandpur Sahib. About 27 cases were marked as positive that traced back to him. Twenty villages, which included over 40,000 people were quarantined on March 27th to contain the spread.
  • By mid-March, everyone was informed to be prepared for the situation that may worsen itself. Home, Defence, Railways, Labour, Minority Affairs, Aviation, and Tourism, were made aware of the containment plan.
  • A Tablighi Jamaat religious congregation event in Delhi, which took place earlier in March, then emerged as another super spreader event on March 31st. When numerous cases were traced back to this event.


  • The nationwide lockdown was seen to have been extended till March 30th.
  • Major Indian cities and many states made wearing masks a compulsion for safety.
  • By this time, India had crossed about 10,000 positive cases in total.
  • The health ministry declared the Tablighi Jamaat event to have had witnessed about 4,291 cases.
  • On 29th, the Ministry of Home Affairs issued guidelines for states to allow the movement to another country for the ones who were stranded.


  • Lockdown was extended with a zone-wide restriction.
  • Later, trains were made available for stranded migrant workers in the name of Shramik.
  • About 4000 stranded pilgrims returned from Hazur Sahib in Nanded to Punjab on May 2nd. Which reported many of them to have been tested positive with the virus, including 27 bus drivers and conductors.
  • And by May 13th, around 1,225 pilgrims were tested positive.
  • May 19th witnessed a total of 200,000 cases to have crossed the mark of being positive nationwide.


  • Lockdown was extended till June 30th only for containment zones.
  • Jue commenced with the Unlock protege, with services reopening from June 8th.
  • By June 12th, India overtook UK to become the 4th worst coronavirus country after the USA, Brazil, and Russia.
  • The end of June witnessed about 500,000 total cases.


  • The month began with Unlock 2, but schools and colleges were asked to remain shut.
  • By July 6th India became the 3rd worst coronavirus-hit country by overtaking Russia.
  • By July 15th India began human trials for Coronavirus potential vaccines, Covaxin and ZyCov-D.
  • July 17th marked about 1,000,000 confirmed cases in India.

With an increase in the number of positive cases, Pandemic may very well hit the world with new waves disrupting lives. So, it is vital to abide by rules and to follow precautionary restrictions.

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The release of Coronavirus Vaccine is in the drift of thoughts for when it will be launched. Or will it take 2021 to see the rise of an antidote and the fall of ragging Pandemic?

Numerous events took place during the lockdown while managing the Pandemic in India, which included the Tablighi Jamaat event, Panic buying, Escape of suspected infected people, Misinformation and discrimination, and more. Suppose the citizens of the nation require transparency and smooth work from the people in charge of handling. Then it is high time we start to coordinate and understand the significant threat that the Pandemic holds for each one of us.

On the brighter side, Lakshadweep (Union Territory of India) is the only one with no active cases as of now.

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