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COVID 19 Update: BMC to launch Voice-based COVID 19 Testing

To ramp up the testing for COVID 19, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has decided to launch an AI-based technology that will use a voice sample in the smartphones to detect the virus. The innovative voice-based tests are said to generate results within 30 seconds. Also Read: C19Raksha: […]

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Where are We with Coronavirus Vaccine?

The Human trials of Coronavirus Vaccine set forth by India, COVAXIN begins in AIIMS-Delhi, Redkar Hospital in Goa, and Bhubaneswar’s Institute of Medical Sciences and SUM Hospital. The rollout of Vaccine proposed to be launched by the end of this year, the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca has […]

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How Life has changed due to Coronavirus Pandemic?

Previous mass diseases, for example, the Black Death or 1918 flu pandemic, had enormous consequences for the world afterward. The result of this coronavirus pandemic will likewise observe horde changes, from individual acclimations to worldwide movements. However, which of these progressions will have an enduring effect, and which […]