The Cycle won’t stop for a Pandemic, What this means to  Healthcare Workers

The Cycle won’t stop for a Pandemic, What this means to Healthcare Workers


Earthquakes, Natural or Man-Made disasters may come and go; a Pandemic has knocked our doors as an uninvited guest. Yet Periods are a taboo for us, how women healthcare workers are fighting with it?

India has been in the dodging of COVID-19 since the beginning of 2020. The support system, i.e., the saviors working day and night at the frontline, so the pandemic doesn’t stand a chance on our grounds. Doctors, Nurses, Soldiers, Firefighters, delivery men, and the others who went unnoticed. They have been pulling their keens since day one so that we can live in our homes protected from the grasps of this envious ivy.

Initially and in many places now, We saw people not cooperating with the healthcare workers.

To take an example of a similar situation that took place in Indore where the locals of Tat Patti Bakhal area. A team of five health workers, which included three doctors, was all pleated with stones. As the location was a target of being a hotspot, it was to go under the regular go through check-up so that the medical professionals could trace back if there was any chain that a positive case must have left behind.

Such news not only puts the lives of all the health care workers in danger but petrifies them. Frightens them to even step out of their comfort zone to help us! And this is how we repay them?

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While all this goes around 24/7, we tend to forget that many health care providers are women. And they very likely go through their regular menstrual cycles irrespective of the weather or the ‘time.’

Areas in India still progress with ‘Period Poverty.’ And in such a situation that requires the highest level of sanitization, it is a topic of discussion. And if it wasn’t until now. It most definitely should be!

The Free struggle

“I was unprepared. When you work in COVID areas, you go to work empty-handed. You do not even carry your keys or phone with you, let alone a sanitary napkin, to make sure you do not take infection back home.” says Kamna Kakkar, a junior resident doctor in Anesthesiology.

Many women don’t have the privilege to even have the authority to own a sanitary napkin, let alone a tampon. This might not affect the ones who don’t understand the struggle of being in a PPE suit and still go through periods every month.

46 The Cycle won't stop for a Pandemic, What this means to Healthcare Workers

“It’s Excruciating to work in PPE kits in the hot sun. One starts sweating dreadfully within minutes. It’s (Common Bathrooms) a major problem for menstruating women. We can’t use the toilet or change pads for a long time.” says Azmera Shaikh, Doctors For You (DFY), Mumbai.

It is not just challenging to survive in it, the matter is the potential to stand and fight along with it not for them but the world. Half of our year has gone by, and they have been working hard in the backstage to make the stars shine on the stage.

What can be done?

Strictly the measures are to be taken into one’s hands. It is high time that we stop thinking of menstrual cycles as an enigmatic problem. Which it isn’t. If simple biology is a myth for some, they can seal themselves in a cottage of wonderland where nothing such exists.

Because of such an environment, the ones who want to speak and to be heard are also being lashed out and are numbed to come out and stand for themselves.

We need to educate young girls about the priorities that they should consider as their rights. Imagine a Mother giving birth to her child on the street. She bleeds at every step she takes to continue her journey.

We cannot live in a nation were talking about it can be noted as the crime of a history!

The daily help care workers are struggling, but the women of India, in general, are in distress for ages. And we have to let this season sail into the winds as well.

It’s great to see how healthcare women are dealing with Covid-19 and mensuration at the same time. They are setting the best example of modern women. They can handle all the things to get what they aim for. Salute to all the Health workers, especially women, for working day and night to save lives.

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