Dear Dairy, From Zohra Shah(Pakistan)

Dear Dairy, From Zohra Shah(Pakistan)

1st June’2020, 10:00 a.m

Dear diary,

My name is Zohra. You may not know me because I don’t belong from a group whose oppression you’d me interested to fight for!
I don’t belong from a group you’d be willing to burn posters and march candle lights for.
My death may not even be interesting enough for you to notice. You see, I’m a domestic worker.
Our lives are hardly noticeable!
I was born to a family who yearned to give me a better life but in no way could do so!
They wanted me to study, to have a future they couldn’t get and so I was sent to someone who’d pay for my education as a return for the never ending household work that I had to do!
But today I did something which made malik furious!
I wanted to set the beautiful birds free.
I wasn’t mature enough to have known the repercussions of my actions. You see, I’m just eight!
I didn’t know I’d be beaten like this by them.
I felt pain. I felt anger. I wanted to go back to my family but she wouldn’t let me.
Please tell her to stop.
I feel I’m writing this for the last time,diary!
I’ve started to succumb to the beautiful life I had. I still don’t know what I did to deserve this . I still don’t know why I’m being punished so brutally! I think I’m losing consciousness now, I think I’m going somewhere more beautiful than this Earth.

5321f73ebae0dd59815a2fd09b7a9db0 Dear Dairy, From Zohra Shah(Pakistan)

P.s: This diary entry is a piece of creativity, narrating true incident of Zohra Shah.

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