Exclusive: Defense Sector Stocks Zoomed during the Indo-China Standoff!

Exclusive: Defense Sector Stocks Zoomed during the Indo-China Standoff!


Amidst India-China tussle, we witnessed some necessary up-gradation and fresh buying of weapons from the Indian side. The Defense Acquisition Committee recently passed a 39000-crore deal. Indian stock market investors took no time to capitalize on this, and some Top Defense sector shares zoomed by 20-50% in the last 60 days. 

Let’s check each in detail.

1. Walchandnagar Industries: 

Walchandnagar Industries Ltd. (WIL), established in 1908, is a Heavy Engineering Company with a presence in Strategic Sectors like Defense, Nuclear & Aerospace and Industrial Products like Gears, Centrifuges, Castings, and Gauges. Certified for ISO 9001:2015, WIL also has a presence in Oil & Gas, Railways, and in EPC sectors through its offerings for Sugar Plants, Co-Generation Boilers, and Cement Plants.

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Having been a part of some crucial projects like Chandrayan, Mission Smiling Buddha (It faced Sanctions from the USA for its role in India’s Nuclear Mission) and developing propulsion systems for various land and sea missile systems; Walchandnagar Industries is one of the most crucial companies in India’s defense sector. 


Since May, Walchandnagar has given more than 100% return on Investments. 

Please note, even though this firm has significant past contracts and currently holds some crucial vendors, it is fundamentally a weak company, and investing in such a company is not suggested.

2. Bharat Forge:

A component manufacturer based in Pune; Bharat Forge is also known for manufacturing Railway crankshafts, Oil rigging tools, and some crucial defense sector components. Bharat forge was very well placed to benefit from the defense sector contracts. 


Bharat Forge rose nearly 50% n the last month and has good fundamentals to take it further. We suggest long term investors Buy this gem at every possible Dip for excellent returns in the next 5-10 years period.

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3. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL):

The state-owned Aircraft manufacturer is well known for Tejas, Dhruv, MIG, Rafael, and many such fighter aircraft. HAL was surely not going to miss the defense sector rally.

h5 Exclusive: Defense Sector Stocks Zoomed during the Indo-China Standoff!

HAL rose to a 52 week high giving a massive 103% return to its investor in the past 30 days itself. I still have a buy call on HAL as it will get more tenders shortly as the entire globe is locked down in a cold war of the 21st century.

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