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India Celebrates 74th Independence Day: Policy and overall comparison with Pakistan

Indian independence of 1947 was not easy. It took invaluable contribution of brave hearts, their sacrifices, bloodshed, and a deadly partition. As a result of which a separate Muslim nation, Pakistan was born along with free India. Over the years, it has weathered significant conflict and tension in […]

Bhuj Squadron Leader Vijay Karnik

Squadron Leader Vijay Karnik Real-life Hero of BHUJ

Internet is buzzing about the updates on Ajay Devgn’s upcoming movie Bhuj in which he is assumed to play the role of Squadron Leader Vijay Karnik, who was accountable for the Bhuj air terminal during 1971 India-Pakistan war. Also Read: Meet Real Shakuntala Devi also known as ‘Human […]

india china war

Can India beat China in a border war?

In recent events, we have seen Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s surprise visit to Ladhak. A surprise visit from PM Narendra Modi tells us about the seriousness of the tension between India and China at Galwan Valley. India had already banned 59 Chinese apps after a rise in pressure […]