Delhi University delayed Open Book Exams

Delhi University delayed Open Book Exams


It’s been over a month now, and everybody is still discussing the pros and cons of the Open Book Exam, which were declared by Delhi University for the third-year students. Let’s find out what it is and why they have delayed again.

Open Book Exam And Why They Got Delayed?

The University of Delhi has postponed its OBE exams for final semester students by ten days, because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The University has reported that the arrival of the new date sheet will be done soon on July 3. And exams will now commence from July 10.

“The OBE mode examinations as an alternative mode of exams given the COVID-19 pandemic adopted as a one-time measure for academic session 2019-20 for all streams of UG and PG, including SOL and NCWEB stands postponed for ten days given the prevailing situation of COVID19 pandemic,” the DU notification said.

Notification by DU says that the pattern for conduction will remain the same. No changes will be seen in the Mock test, it will start from July 4, as notified earlier.

“All other activities or facilities notified by examination branch-related with OBE mode of examinations adopted as a one-time measure for the academic session 2019-20 through various notice or notification shall remain unchanged, and no further notification shall be issued either as corrigendum or amendment,” DU said in the notification.

Open Book Exam and Announcements

The University of Delhi, on May 30, first released a list of measures to be taken by the affiliated colleges and departments for conducting the online, open-book examinations for final semester students from July 1, 2020, later on, they got postponed.

OBE open book examination Delhi univeristy

In these tough times of pandemic, the central University of Delhi, DU, has declared the examination of final year students via the online Open Book Scheme. And the first and second year to be promoted on internal and previous year/semester marks.

During this pandemic time, many institutes are conducting OBE so that exams can be done without the physical contact of students with administration. The main reason for OBE is that instead of the traditional method of pen-paper test with an important set of questions, now the teacher can devise questions that need more analytical and critical approach; hence it will encourage high-order thinking skills among students.

Open Book Exam and Difficulties

Stable Internet?
Half of the candidates of the University must be lacking the facilities of stable internet connection or Wi-Fi, not everybody can afford it easily. Who will be responsible for the candidates appearing for exams if they lose the context or they get a cut of electricity anytime during the exam?
This examination is purely against the underprivileged section of society or those who cannot get an unlimited data pack; this would be not fair to them.

Unfair Means
What if the people with unlimited data are using unfair means to write in exams, which will keep a check on that?
Who will the responsible for that student, who studied all the year hard to get a fruitful result, and because of this OBE, he receives a failure in the outcome?
This scheme should not be tested in the final year as they are dependent on their results to get a good university or college for their masters or job.

These unfair means are certainly going to create bias ness in the result of rich and poor. The gaps between the two would be more widened, and again the poor will lose, making the upper class win. Education should be purely based on the hard work and dedication of the student, not on the resources they have.

The University had to see for some alternative to the conduct of examination but is OBE the appropriate and best alternative mode for final years, which are looking for their masters and career options ahead.

During Coronavirus lockdown, universities and schools are facing shutdown to avoid the spread of the deadly disease. Our education is getting a setback due to the pending courses and examinations of the students.

The CBSE has too officially canceled out the grade 12th and 10th pending board papers. CBSE board was left with 22 articles before lockdown; later, the board decided to conduct only the original core papers so that they can evaluate it. But the situations are turning more brutal hence no more exams for Board students.

OBE and Delhi University got trending after they decided to postponed exams after so much protest from students. They are mocked by twitter users as user want exams to get cancel.

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