Did Iceland Declare ‘All Religions Are Mental Disorders’?

Did Iceland Declare ‘All Religions Are Mental Disorders’?

Reykyavik, Iceland – This small island country in the North Atlantic is home to many controversies. The country’s parliament voted in 2017 to place mental health warnings on all Bibles. In that same year, the nation took another secular step forward by banning American televangelists. Iceland is now declaring all religions to be psychological disorders.

The nation’s parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of the statute 60-3. The three politicians who voted against the decree reportedly believed the measure didn’t go far enough. “We don’t want to end up like the United States or Saudi Arabia, do we?” one anonymous representative mused.

Iceland’s Prime Minister Andrew Kanard not only immediately signed the decree but is giving a full-throated defense of why religion is a psychological disorder:

A cursory look at any of the common definitions of mental illness reveals that religion is, in fact, the most common malady of them all. Look at any recent convert. It’s plain to friends and family the poor soul in question is suffering from emotional disturbances and impaired functioning.

Have you been to the Creation Museum in the United States? If that place isn’t a hotbed for disordered thinking common to those inflicted with schizophrenia, I don’t know what is.

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