DIOR announces it’s First Live-Stream Fashion Show

DIOR announces it’s First Live-Stream Fashion Show


While the coronavirus outbreak has shutdown ways to launch new products and services, but it has opened doors for creativity and innovation.

French luxury label Christian Dior surprises the fashion enthusiasts by starting their Italian ‘Cruise’ range with live stream show. The event will take place in Lecce, the southern city of Italy, on July 22.

Dior logo DIOR announces it's First Live-Stream Fashion Show

Christian Dior is a high-end fashion house which is one of the LVMH conglomerate’s biggest brand. This is a big move for Dior as it is likely to be Dior’s first major fashion show since lockdown. The Italian Cruise was earlier planned to be premiered on May 27, but it was postponed due to coronavirus.

Pietro Beccari, CEO of Dior, along with Maria Grazia Chiuri, fashion designer and creative director of Dior, announced the whole plan to launch their collection on a video press conference on June 22.

According to Pietro, “ we would like to send a message of support, optimism, and rebirth..”. It does seem like he wants to send a message out that Dior will make a comeback after this period of hardship.

In the conference, Maria praised the craftsmanship qualities of Lecce and explained how the collection resonates with them. She also said that Fashion shows are essential for the Fashion fraternity and for the city where the shows are organized. “Supporting fashion on both local and global level.”,


Maria believes that this event will be a great way to support their artisans who make clothes and accessories and all the workers of Dior.

Various other fashion brands are playing their virtual cards to be at the top of the audience’s mind. They are leading their way through online celebrity interviews, QnA, podcasts, live streaming their range, and other online events. Designers are getting a chance to showcase their ideas on digital space.

More recently, Italian brand Fendi live-streamed a musical concert on their official Instagram handle to portray their fashion range along with music and culture. French high-end brand Chloe’ started a series on Instagram for live interaction. It is named as #CHLOEvoice. British fashion brand Burberry has a publicized live runway show in Britain on September 17.


The pandemic has deprived the audience of attending fashion shows physically, but the brands are very optimistic about the Paris Fashion Week 2020. The event organizers of the Paris Fashion Week- The French Haute Couture and Fashion Federation has confirmed that the fashion week will return. It is going to take place between September 28 and October 6.

Many countries now have relaxed restrictions. But the fashion community is struggling whether they should organize a physical fashion show or not.

Dior has already set their eyes on the fashion week, unlike its opponents. Brands like Gucci and Saint Laurent said that they would go without the conventional fashion week schedule.

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