Opinion: Do Board Exam Marks really Matter?

Opinion: Do Board Exam Marks really Matter?


Around the month of March-July, many people will start posting stuff about marks and Board Exam results. They state that scores don’t matter. They’ve sugar-coated their words to mention things that children would like to listen to. Although I do accept as accurate with the very fact that your marks don’t interest an outsized extent, the way it’s being popularized on social media is stupid.

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You don’t need high-grades if you’re talented. But here’s the point – naturally, most minds aren’t extraordinarily gifted. Post CBSE results, parents/teachers/friends/stand-up comedians may need to tell you goodies about yourself, but that’s major because most don’t need to dishearten you. 

list of engineering exams 2013 Opinion: Do Board Exam Marks really Matter?

Do you think your marks don’t matter?

Tell that to a child who won’t be ready to get into their dream college. Yes, there are flaws within the education system, but that does not change the fact that complacency is usually unacceptable. Always give your best in the examination because they do have some value. I know that the majority group of people wishes to assume that we’re special kids.

What about Your College Admission? 

You would possibly believe that you’re going to do very well in psychology CBSE exam, but to move into a dream college to study psychology, you will need to score good grades. It’d not be fair, but that is the harsh reality. Why are we shielding youngsters from the brutal undeniable fact that while their marks don’t define them, they are opening doors for essential opportunities?

We will not shield them from how the planet works. Often, marks aren’t signs of talent or intelligence, but rather a dedication, sincerity, and diligence. This is very true for Board Exams and to no small extent, some government sector competitive exams. In a perfect world, where we’d wish to live, your marks won’t matter. But within the world that is not about unicorns and rainbows, they are questioning. The dilemma here is with the idiom – ‘marks don’t matter.’

Once you say that as an excuse for your laziness, you’re wrong. Because you’re ridiculing the tremendous effort put in by countless students all across the country to attain good marks, you ought to instead tell students not to let marks define them. 

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Your marks do matter, but don’t allow them to define your future. Don’t stress yourself over a bit of paper with a bunch of numbers on them. Except for some, who’ve worked to get these numbers, it is a fruit of their labor that you simply shouldn’t steal away with condescending social media updates. Saying that marks don’t matter may be a lie. 

Believing that marks are everything and can decide your career, your growth, and life may be a lie. The reality lies somewhere in between. Talent won’t get you anywhere if you do not have access to a platform to showcase your skills. Getting good grades matter therein context. Not most are talented or creative, so you would like to exert indeed and not hear some random person about what he or she feels about your grades.

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I know that many successful people didn’t attend top colleges, but most students went on to become successful in their lives. We are not determining that good/bad grades will define you, but please put an end in saying that ‘marks don’t matter.’ Stop making a small division of the trouble put in by others who achieved better in exams. A student should believe that below grades aren’t putting an end to their fortune.

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