Does Bollywood has Mean Girls Gang?

Does Bollywood has Mean Girls Gang?

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death by suicide has jolted the entire nation and focused everyone’s attention on the pressures of being an outsider in the film industry.

Karan Johar and Alia Bhatt also came in light as being the center of nepotism in the Bollywood industry. Karan Johar is one of the most popular Director or Producer. He owns Dharma Production, it has given hits like Good Newwz, Kuch kuch hota hai, Student of the year etc. Karan Johar and Dharma Production are known for launching star kids only. They are called to be the center of nepotism of the bollywood.

As per the media reports, Sushant lost 7 movies in 6 months after Chhichhore. And the reason is saying to be a ban by Dharma and YRF just because he was an outsider. He was made to feel in every step that he didn’t belong to the industry. There are so many talented actors who do good in industry but still considered as outsider.

Recently, veteran actor Raveena Tandon declared that ‘camps do exist’ and spoke about the hardships that she has had to face in the initial days of her career despite being ‘born in the industry’. The Mohra actor also spoke about the dirty politics that were played and still continue in Bollywood by the ‘mean girls’ gang of the industry.

She further added that the pressures of keeping up with the unfair game are something that both, insider and outsider, of the film industry, have to face. However, she emphasized the need to fight back by citing her own experiences and shared that ‘the more they tried to bury me, the harder I fought back’. 

Kangana has shared a video where she talked about nepotism. Kangana has gained so many followers on social media for talking what is right. While Alia bhatt, Karan Johar, Ananaya Pandey and few more stars seems to be loosing followers on social media for being the product of nepotism.

Now, people in general have started questioning why movies with a glamorous star cast are usually the ones that drive most award events. Piyush Dixit, a Bengaluru-based psychologist says, “I had stopped watching award shows the day I got to know that they are completely rigged. But now, it’s time to make our voices heard. If you cannot value our voices and opinions, you do not have our support at the theaters. I’ve unfollowed Alia Bhatt and other star kids and followed newcomers who have talent to make it big in the industry.”

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