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Hindi diwas

Hindi Diwas: Why is our youth distancing themselves from the Hindi language?

September 14 marks the National Hindi Day or Hindi Diwas to commemorate our common roots and values. But let’s face it. Today’s generation is more attracted to western languages, precisely English. Being the third most spoken language globally, Hindi is slowly dropping from our country’s vocabulary. Take a […]


Opinion: Do Board Exam Marks really Matter?

Around the month of March-July, many people will start posting stuff about marks and Board Exam results. They state that scores don’t matter. They’ve sugar-coated their words to mention things that children would like to listen to. Although I do accept as accurate with the very fact that […]

Youth Launched by the Indian Government

7 Schemes for Youth Launched by the Indian Government

As International Youth Day is approaching, we have narrowed down youth-related schemes and programs imitated by the Indian Government to empower the youth. The United Nations celebrates International Youth Day on August 12 every year. The purpose of the day is straightforward. To draw people’s attention towards the […]

Coronavirus vaccine Covid-19

Where are We with Coronavirus Vaccine?

The Human trials of Coronavirus Vaccine set forth by India, COVAXIN begins in AIIMS-Delhi, Redkar Hospital in Goa, and Bhubaneswar’s Institute of Medical Sciences and SUM Hospital. The rollout of Vaccine proposed to be launched by the end of this year, the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca has […]


Hinduphobes of the AMU threatens the Hindu students

The police have registered an FIR against an Aligarh Muslim University(AMU) student for passing offensive comments on Facebook against a fellow Hindu girl student. While students around the globe are finding ways to pursue their education in the pandemic, Aligarh Muslim University students are fighting against discrimination and […]