Education Scenario in India

Education Scenario in India


India is going through phases of lockdown with lashes of a World-wide Pandemic. The causes affected the daily chores of an individual. Pandemic also affected the Education of the youth of the country.

Before COVID-19, Everything was going smooth, as the matter became crucial, everything was shut down, including Education. But as they say, Education doesn’t stop at any point in time. We also moved towards Digital mode for Education.

Everyone eventually had to give in to the 24/7 eye gauging apparatus called the desktop or things similar to that. Teachers who used to teach using chalk and Blackboard have now shifted their hands to the master of the keyboard and various amounts of PPT’s. People also witnessed children losing interest in learning for various reasons. In this not so small yet very overwhelming period, we have collectively come a long way to adapt to this living.

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Looking on both sides of the ongoing situation, it is somewhat beneficial, while for some, it still seems like torture.

We saw many Universities and Board exams getting canceled after prolonged decisions. There were times when universities were back and forth with making decisions to draw out the Final exams of Schools to Undergraduates or Postgraduates.

JEE Mains or NEET exams are one of those Entrance exams that were also under the late notice. But, on the 3rd of July, looking at the overall conditions, Union HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal made an announcement that JEE Mains will take place between 1st to 6th of September. Also, NEET was declared to be held on the 13th of September 2020. And further JEE Advance would take place on the 27th of the same month.

Education in India

For a definite, Pandemic was a shock to everyone, and we weren’t prepared for a situation like this.

Many took time apart from their daily routines to learn new things. It turned out the time for some to learn something that amused them for a while, but the hefty schedule came in between. Many Schools began their new academic year over online teaching classes through Google meet or Via Classroom application.

Future of Education in India

Education in India is a questionable figure. There is a higher potential in growth, and there is still a long way to go to India in the Education field. This year did see a new way of learning creatively to say so. This was probably the first, and hopefully, the last time we do something incredible even when we are borders apart from each other.

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Digitalization, when executed in a strategic format in the way of learning and trying to grasp new things, is quite beneficial. But, putting the whole dilemma in a nutshell, people eventually found it difficult to cope up with the ubiquity of the Internet in general. As there was less or no prior knowledge in many parts of India, and they are still suffering from it. Maybe we can expect this to be a stepping stone for a new beginning. We can only look forward to having no difference in the ways how people live lives in rural and urban areas.

Education has seen an evolution in the past years. And it continues to do so.

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