The Crossing of the Redline on Environment Impact Assessment 2020

The Crossing of the Redline on Environment Impact Assessment 2020


It is definite now that development means putting the environment into the hands of Satan. It is sure to have a well-organized format to perform everything rather than damaging the environment in the very process.

India’s Environment Ministry (moEFCC) published a draft Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) 2020, which acts as an amendment to the EIA 2006. This draft was open for public opinions till 11th June. Due to the current pandemic situation, the date has been extended to 30th June 2020 from 11th August 2020 for further objections.

Passing a draft and making it sound viable isn’t just!
To start on with it,
It suggests that the government is allowed to give permits to an Industry to run if it makes enough profit even though it’s harmful to the environment at the sword’s peak. Besides, the draft also rules out the punishments if any violation of environmental laws is performed, because they don’t want accountability for that. The most terrific of them all is banishing the public opinions/suggestions over any further projects that may run in India.

The lesser inspection makes it highly risky for the extraction of mineral resources in a non-controlled fashion. This isn’t an act of being the Valiant Warrior. It is merely going to put the lives of endangered species to a higher risk in eco-sensitive zones. This draft, if passed, will not only put human beings in danger but will help increase the threat to unhindered ecological balance.

The race of development has not only rendered the government blindsided even to pass such a draft but also make one in the first place. To run a cat’s race by putting the environment and local communities to risk is not the way to win it.

As of now, India continues to make Carbon footprints on a larger scale. According to 2018, it has increased by 4.8 percent. And not only that, we can never forget the horrible sites of the Bhopal gas tragedy.
There has been incompetence ever since then. Considering the current lockdown has witnessed many such tragedies, which suggest that the industries were running for decades without any restrictions and also without any valid permits.

Passing such a draft would make things even easier for calamities to take place. It is not about human life that matters the most it is the environment that is at peril.
Considering profit over life is a horrifying decision if made.
It is time for us to learn that ‘Building more and Breathing less’ isn’t the way to live. To put the already risked lives at stake is not called justice.

It is the time to think about the economy and how to bloom its petals into the world with flourishing colors. But, if this level of toxicity remains perpetual, it would be the doom of everything. That is not how we build a world.

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