Ex Indian Cricket Captain turns Labourer during Lockdown in Uttarakhand

Ex Indian Cricket Captain turns Labourer during Lockdown in Uttarakhand


Not necessarily every cricketer has a lavish life, as you may have witnessed on social media. Let’s look into the life of former captain of Uttarakhand specially-abled cricket team, Rajendra Singh Dhami, who would agree.

The cricketer was affected by polio while he was just two years old. His parents, who are farmers in the village, tried everything possible for him, but nothing could ever succeed.

Nevertheless, Rajendra Singh Dhami has never received any little support from the state authorities. And hence, to make ends meet, he has resorted to manual labor for his livelihood.

Mr. Dhami never received help from the state government, but that never stopped him from building his team. The 34-year old is training at least 19, especially-abled teenagers in various aspects of cricket, including batting, bowling or fielding.

He says, witnessing ‘Divyang’ people taking their lives under stress by losing all hope made him understand him through his dark area in life. And he wishes that he could embark a purpose into others to live onto life forever and shine like a bright star.

He further added that he used to train the Divyang children, but due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, everything was halted.

Rajendra Singh Dhami agrees his love for cricket grew as a mere hobby, but it later on escalated into becoming his life. And then he came to know about the specially-abled team in the year 2014 through a social media platform. Mr. Dhami has led the specially-abled Indian Cricket team in 5 matches and has played overseas in Kathmandu, Bangladesh, and Malaysia.

Later in 2015, he became the recipient of the state award of Uttarakhand. This prize fetched him a cash amount of Rs 5000, a certificate of appreciation and a promise of a job, which hasn’t been fulfilled to date.

He recently received financial assistance of Rs 11,000 from actor Sonu Sood who has assured further help in the future.

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Rajeev Mehta, IOA Secretary-General, told TNIE, “We have announced immediate help of Rs 50,000 today. His requirements will be taken care of. I have spoken to our state body in Uttarakhand. Every help and support will be provided to him.”

But, with Dhami’s family income being just Rs 3,000, he has been struggling to make ends meet.

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