Firefighters battled California Wildfires along with a Bull Chase

Firefighters battled California Wildfires along with a Bull Chase


As firefighters across California are at a critical point with the control over the spreading of the wildfires, a group of first responders had an unusual encounter at work with a raging bull – Ferdinand.

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A group of firemen was seen running away as a longhorn bull charged towards them while they were busy clearing the roads.

A wildfire broke in Northern California on Saturday spawned at least one fire tornado that prompted the National Weather Service to issue a tornado warning. The situation occurred on Saturday when the Loyalton Fire in Lassen County, California, worsened by burning intensely amid hot and dry conditions.

Such intensive wildfires at times can create their weather, which results in the formation of a pyrocumulus cloud. And such formation of clouds typically forms in association with the fires or volcanic eruptions caused by intense heating of the air, which cools and condenses as it ascends.

On rare occasions, this situation modifies itself into the formation of a fire tornado. A fire tornado spawned by the Loyalton Fire on Saturday got captured:

The warning did indicate that the area under concerned boundaries would be hit by fire tornadoes, which also had zero population but was a hazardous situation for firefighters.

This has not been the first encounter of a fire tornado in Northern California.

There was a video shared by the Ventura County Fire Department, captured from one of the fire trucks, the bull they called ‘Ferdinand’ was seen running downhill as the firefighters while they were clearing the road so the engines could get to a clearing.

The incident took place when firefighters were battling the lake fire on Friday.

When the footage was shared, many residents said that the bull is locally known as Maxwell and was probably running away too scared by the flames and didn’t mean any harm to the workers on the field of rescue. Luckily, no one was injured in the incident.

Later after the incident took place, that very day, the LA County firefighters on Instagram featured a similar bull to Ferdinand with a humorous caption.

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The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection listed more than a dozen active fire incidents across the state on Friday. The Lake Fire was just 12 percent contained as of Saturday morning and after threatening more than 5,400 homes around that area. About 21 buildings were destroyed in the very incident, according to the officials.

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