Forest fire breaks out in Srinagar (Uttarakhand)

Forest fire breaks out in Srinagar (Uttarakhand)

About six hectares of forest near Srinagar of Pauri Garwhal district in Uttarakhand caught fire late night on Saturday (May 23). Intense heat and sunshine in the hilly regions of Uttarakhand is the expected reason, though nothing had been officially declared. The fire cannot be brought under control due to heavy wind, according to sources.

“More fire brigade teams have been called for to extinguish the fire,” Forest Officer Anita Kunwar said. However, this is not the first case of forest fire in the region. In a span of four days, around 23 cases have been registered earlier including major and minor incidents.

Last year, around 2000 hectares of woods were gushed due to a fire in the region. The year of 2016 reported 4,538.21 hectares of land being engulfed by fire. The rise of such happenings is creating a fear of terror and anxiety amongst the locals. As per reports, the state government and forest officials didn’t take any protective measures despite the rise in the issue. Though the rate of incidents is slower than other years, the increase in temperature and change in weather is creating panic amid the inhabitants.

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