Gift ideas for a lovely and Happy Diwali

Gift ideas for a lovely and Happy Diwali

Diwali is around the corner, and if you are still confused about what can you gift to your loved ones? Then my dear here you will find all your answers.

Exchanging gifts on Diwali is a tradition and it surely adds more charm to all celebrations. With so many options available, one might get confused about what to gift that becomes a person’s favorite in just one go. 

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1. Plants are thoughtful gifts that once kept indoor or outdoor of home can help purify the air. They look good, add life and zing to the decor and nourishing them gives great joy to the keeper. This could be a great Diwali gift which is cost-effective too. This can also help you make Diwali Greener.

You can get them at any nearby nursery at very reasonable rates.

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2. Who doesn’t love chocolates? Especially when they are handmade. You can customize an endless variety of chocolate flavors as per your friend’s and family’s tastes. Also, the traditional custom of gifting sweets is quickly disappearing due to adulteration in these food items.

So treat people’s taste buds with delicious chocolates. Moreover, you can get the sugarfree, low-fat version too for health-conscious people. After all, no festival is complete without sweets aka ‘Kuch meetha hojaye!’

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You can get them online at Amazon & Flipkart. There are many stalls of handmade chocolates at any nearby Diwali mela.

3. People are slowly shifting from fast fashion to slow fashion. Gone those days when people used to spend thousands on high street fashion brands. Gift someone a piece of handloom which they will cherish for a lifetime. From saree to dress and wide range in menswear, sustainable clothes are the top choice for gifts this season.

You can get these online and as well as any Khadi store.

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4. Gifting copper tumblers or jugs or bottles could be a really thoughtful gift, considering copper helps in detoxifying and cleansing one’s systems. If water is kept in a copper vessel overnight or for at least four hours before consumption, the quality of the water is enhanced and the water, which is the elixir of life, and constitutes 70 percent of our body, could be utilized by the body in a much better way. It could be a great change this Diwali!

You can get these from any local market.

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5. Who doesn’t like a good smelling home? And when it’s done through all things natural than its cherry on top. This Buddha shaped oil diffuser is made of ceramic and looks like any other buddha head from afar.

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But, the real magic happens behind it where it has a cavity for lighting a tea light and just above it is the oil burner. So, say goodbye to those artificial room fresheners and sprays. Not only it purifies the air, but, can also be used as a regular living room decor item. Thus, spread some positive energy among your dear ones with this Diwali gift.

You can easily find them online.

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