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Gulabo Sitabo Review: Sweet and Simple Story with performance extraordinaire

One of the biggest movie of 2020 being released in Amazon Prime, Gulabo Sitabo will give you the vibe of a simple script and a lovely story. The story of Gulabo Sitabo revolves around the “priceless” dilapidated haveli of Lucknow, Fatima Mahal. The landlord Mirza (Amitabh Bachchan) and tenant Baankey (Ayushmann Khurrana) are at constant tussle-all due to this charming haveli. Their fight and disagreement aren’t just limited to bickering. They don’t hesitate to resort to planning and plotting.

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Located in Lucknow, the 100-year-old mansion Fatima Mahal is in shambles and close to ruination, and home to multiple families who pay a measly rent ranging from 30-70 rupees. Mirza is a sure devil for all the tenant as he always teases or irritates them with his tigdam. Baankey is one of the tenants of the Fatima Mahal and he is weighed by the responsibility of his family. He owns a small flour mill and lives with his mother and three sisters.

Mirza’s lifelong ambition is to own the building and clear it of Baankey and his family, who have not paid rent for months. Baankey, who claims that his family has been staying here for seven decades, matches him insult for insult, trick for trick.

Amitabh Bachchan’s character in Gulabo Sitabo is irritating and funny at the same time. Mirza reminded me of Baskor (Amitabh’s character in Sircar’s 2015 Piku). Though both the characters are completely opposite. One common trait is that both are annoying. 

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Ayushmann’s charm or luck of hit movies is still running. His acting was really a compliment to watch with Amitabh Bachchan. They both share a bond just like Tom & Jerry. They always fight and quarrel with each other but in the end, we can see them together looking at a life that they cant have.

Dialogues are a clear winner of this film as they portray the cultural milieu (Lucknowi Zabaan). Out of all, I particularly loved the banter between Baankey and his girlfriend.

Beside Amitabh and Ayushman, Vijay Raaz, whose dialogue-delivery style is unmatched or Brijendra Kala, who sinks into the skin of the character. These actors have lifted the film up. 

A huge thumbs up for women characters. Not carved into the typical mold – the characters of Fauzia (Poornima Sharma), Guddu (Shrishti Shrivastava), and Begum (Farrukh Jafar) are breath of fresh air. I immediately fell in love with them and they were the ones who made me laugh out loud. They have some of the quirkiest dialogues and they have nailed them. The costume and makeup have only added to the flawless performance of the actors.

Framing the cat-and-dog bickering over the haveli is Shoojit Sircar with a wide lens, which does justice to Mirza, Baankey and their true beloved. If films could be condensed into loglines, Gulabo Sitabo would be the story of a crooked old man.

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The narration of the movie is smooth, and detailing to artistic things like haveli or Mirza’s chair is giving a lift up to the story. Movie starts and end with a similar scene which is also a plus point.

Shoojit Sircar and Juhi Chautrvedi’s duo has come up again with a simple and sweet story.

P.S: Not a spoiler but the ending will leave you rocking, so if you want to start from the end go for it.

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