Gurugram Boy, Manav Singh’s Suicide tells that Social Media Shouldn’t play Judge and Jury

Gurugram Boy, Manav Singh’s Suicide tells that Social Media Shouldn’t play Judge and Jury

Recently Bois locker room named after a group of under-aged Delhi boys broke the internet when its chat was made public by an Instagram user. Followed by chat leaks of a group named “Girls locker room”. What these both groups have in common was that they objectified and supported rape culture in their chats.

locker room 1 Gurugram Boy, Manav Singh's Suicide tells that Social Media Shouldn't play Judge and Jury

Netizens went crazy sharing the screenshots online on every social media platform. Reportedly, the boy responsible for the Bois locker room chat group and the glorification of rape culture has been identified by the police. Amidst all this, we all may have missed considering the other side of the coin too.

To make us see that other side of the coin, an Instagram user has uploaded a story of an underage boy, demanding justice for him. The story is about Manav Singh, 17, a student of heritage school, Guru gram. He committed suicide after a girl shared some incident happened when he was a 14-15-year-old. she accused him of raping her, two days after the girl posted on social media. The guy committed suicide after various threats and harassment he received online, he was hopeless that anyone would bother to listen to his side of the story. after the demise of a teen boy, the girl who posted claimed that it is not her fault that the teen boy could not face what he did and committed suicide.

Now his siblings are sharing his story on every platform to spread awareness amongst the netizens and appealing for justice. As per reports, no suicide note was found but messages retrieved from the boy’s phone indicated that fellow students urged him that the police would question him. Deepak Kumar, the Station House Officer of Sector 53 police station, said the guards heard a thud sound and rushed to the spot. They found the boy severely injured in a pool of blood. The guards informed the family at around 11:30 pm. The boy was rushed to the hospital where the doctors declared him dead.

While social media is a great platform to share your story but treating it as the source of information and media trials based on it has had worse impacts on the lives of many. I appeal to each and everyone reading this, be a responsible person. didn’t we learn anything from the past? Did you forget what happened with Sarvjeet Singh, how Jasleen Kaur tarnished his image? what hardships he had to go through before he finally proved his innocence?

Remember the time when the internet went ablaze and gaga over Zaira Wasim shared that video on her social media, where she accused a man of molesting her. Owing to her popularity, authorities quickly acted and arrested the man. Later on, no proof was found to support Zaira’s claim. But by then the man and his family must have gone through many harassments. the man was just returning after attending a funeral and an actress’s popularity stint gave him damage to life.

Well, we all hope that after a proper investigation has been done, the person responsible for the death of Manav. Let’s hope the culprit will be punished after a probe into the matter.

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