Happy Father’s Day, A message to Baba

Happy Father’s Day, A message to Baba

Father’s day makes Meghobrota Acharya from Kolkata shares a heart-warming message for her father. Father’s day makes everyone cherish the sweet moments we have with our fathers. It is story of a daughter who appreciates her father like a superhero.

“I’m not going to tell you anything, you’re old enough to deal with things”, Baba uses this sentence as a Ninja technique to stop me from doing things he dislikes.

I remember as a kid, if I wanted something from Baba, he would gently tell me to wait and would give me the same after days. Growing up I realized that he was giving me the most important lesson of life, which was patience.

Moreover I learnt that all good things take time. Everyday after coming back from work he would take me out, show me the stars(I used to love counting stars as a kid) and not a night went by without a bed time story.

He taught me to get up all by myself every time I fell down. Baba have had endless hardships throughout his life but he taught me how to enjoy the little things in life that come for free. He’s pretty strong as a person but I saw him breaking down when he left me at the college gate all by myself an year ago.

Me and Baba are absolutely different, we have different views and different opinions which is why we’ve had a million arguments. But we’re the same when it comes love, care and emotions.

This Father’s Day, Just one message for you Baba, stop watching Baghban and telling me whether you’re going to end up in an old age home. Like seriously, Stop!

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