Happy Father’s day, Proud moment for a father

Happy Father’s day, Proud moment for a father

Well, I personally consider everyday a Father’s Day. The moment he becomes a father he transforms into a hetero character within and the day starts. They are like the “war heroes”, war of the their own battle of life. Hence they are yclept “hero” in every child’s life.

In our lives there is a day assuredly where we share a day memorable with our beloved father to cherish to The End of The Chapter.

Just like, A night I was on stage underneath the flickering lights in-front of a swarm of people giving my last performance of the night, my dad came upon the stage after completion. He introduced himself as the MC of the gig night. Once he started off his MC career by conforming to his hobby cause he never gave up on his passion indeed.

That night he was not a MC on stage but a father rather who was proposing me as his pride daughter to the live audience & said “আমি যখন এই দৃশ্য দেখার জন্য থাকব না তখনও যেন এইভাবেই ও ওর এই অসাধারণ নৃত্যকলার জন্য প্রশংসিত হয়ে থাকে”( I wish to see people praising her for her absolute talent even when I become lifeless ).

I cried hard in front of those innumerable people not because I felt emotional hearing that nor did I feel frightened to loose him but because I was saddened with a though that no one will be there to commend me like he always did. So that was a Father’s Day to a proud daughter, when he gave birth to me was a Father’s Day as well and each & every forthcoming day will be a Father’s Day to me till I subsist.

This story is sent to us by one of our reader, Sharmili Gosh. The Juicy Mango Media wishing you all a Happy Father’s day in advance.

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