Happy Father’s Day, being a superhero

Happy Father’s Day, being a superhero

On this day of Father’s day, Sushnita shares her story. I have seen that many families are conservative enough to let free their daughters but I am always thankful to God to give me a father who gave me wings to fly.

He was always my pilot, like a backbone supported in my studies, let me free to work in any city and also protecting me on the same hand.

Dur to generation gap we also have different opinions but at the end he agrees to mine and changes himself with time. He always support me and the family emotionally and financially.

He is a superman for all of us. Beside being a wonderful father who will think always to complete his children’s desires and compromising his, he is also a wonderful husband, a brother and an obedient son.

I am proud of my father( in Bengali I call him Bapi or Baba). Happy Father’s day to the superman, Thanos and hero of my life. I love u Bapi.

This story is sent to us by one of our reader, Sushmita Bose.

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