Has exodus of Kashmiri Pandits become the new normal?

Has exodus of Kashmiri Pandits become the new normal?

Another loss of a precious life.

Another violence on the streets of Kashmir!

Another loss of a human who so much more than the community he belonged to.

And while it gives an opportunity for different communities to develop more angst and hatred towards each other; there’s no way they could go through what the family of the deceased goes through.

As humans, we have a tendency to always put ourselves first!

As long as we’re not the ones facing the storm, it doesn’t really matter about the ones who are.

You may burn thousands of posters protesting for the victim’s rights but as long as you go back to a comfortable home and a safe family, there’s always a little space in your heart that’s having a sigh of relief about how you were not the one being subjected to the agony.

The ruthless assassination of Ajay Pandita draws another example of how indifferent and casual we’ve become towards the loss of human life.

We may have gotten used to the endless bloodsheds and murders but what stands out in this case is the strength and courage of a daughter who lost her father.

What stands out, in this case, is the determination of a daughter who is willing to make the culprits go through the same agony that her father did.

It has finally brought us to a time where the voice of a powerful woman is giving us the strength and inspiration to fight back for our rights.

And while we are all sitting at our comfortable houses, arguing about how cleaning the kitchen makes us less of a feminist; there are women like Niyanta Pandita whose voices show how powerful we can all be if we choose to.

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