Teachers’ Day 2020: How is this Teachers’ day different?

Teachers’ Day 2020: How is this Teachers’ day different?

Annually on September 5 marks the Day of Teachers’ Day. This Day, in acknowledgment of the country’s former President, Scholar, Philosopher, and Bharat Ratna awardee, Dr. Sarvepallu Radhakrishnan, was born on this very day in 1888.

Teachers’ Day celebrates the unique role that adults play in young minds’ lives and helps shape them towards their future along with the country’s progress.

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The Knowledge of this Day and the implementation of its significance is ever-evolving. But, some things remain the same. For a school going kid, even today, this Day means getting roses, chocolates, gifts, and eccentricity filled handmade cards overloaded with affection for their favorite teachers. And for the senior students, the Day reverses to their role as students to Teachers for a day.


The story went behind when Dr. Radhakrishan took the second President of India’s office in 1962; his students approached him to seek permission to celebrate September 5 as a particular day. But, in turn, Dr. Radhakrishan requested them to observe September 5 as Teachers’ Day to recognize the significance and contribution made by teachers throughout the nation towards society.

Teachers’ Day is celebrated everywhere around schools, colleges, universities, and any educational institutions. The Day follows with students celebrating the Day and specializing it towards the institution’s teachers by hosting shows and enacting various performances, dances, and a few games here and there.

Teachers’ Day in 2020

This year around the Covid-19 pandemic and with everything shut, the celebrations will be given a miss. However, virtual wishes and greetings are still a perfect way to tell your teachers what they mean to you.

We have to remember that teachers, who were used to the boundaries of teaching one on one inside four walls, have expanded their Knowledge to the vast functionalities of the Internet.

Teachers, our heroes, have adapted to this new form of teaching in just a blink of time, with some facing the inadequacies of resources to some with no one to help them. Despite all the minor to significant glitches in today’s teaching, they have done their job to the very best. With deductions in salaries or lay-offs, which made rounds, even more, this year, the hopes and ethics of “True Teachers” remained entitled.

Trying various platforms to teach and conduct exams, many teachers have helped their students and themselves and are still going with strong prospects towards getting an imposing knowledge. The Rural part of our country, which witnesses a shortage of electricity and other supplies, teaching was one of the significant problems. With mending ways to approach their students, teachers have struggled more than anyone this year.

This new world of technology made trembles and shook the cores of the brilliant minds we have ventured into our lives, our teachers. We have to accept now that be it any age or any era, anyone and everyone should have the hold of helping others rather than pulling someone down for something they don’t know.

This year, the beginning of schooling witnessed many teachers getting pestered for the way they were teaching their students. From students themselves making fun of their teachers to faculties pointing out mistakes in other teachers and their teaching way, we all are responsible in this process to oppress our teachers in these crucial times.

Abusing your teacher or one teacher letting another down is not an act of coolness it only makes you Sick.

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We have to understand that September 5, 2020, is a special day. And with celebrating it, we have to understand the significance behind it and obey it and respect our teachers for whatever they are trying as they are trying their best to provide us with the knowledge that they can seek themselves.

The Internet is a funny word, and being a teacher in a world that does not respect an individual unless and until they have a renowned day for themselves, they don’t get respected. And not just on September 5 but like every year, we should remember to obey and respect anyone and everyone who helps us learn and inform us of the etiquette of Knowledge.

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