How to be safe in Delhi from Air Pollution

How to be safe in Delhi from Air Pollution

The pollution level in parts of Delhi is still in the “severe” category. This follows a public health emergency declared in Delhi and nearby areas by a Supreme Court-mandated panel on Friday and Delhi Chief Minister expressing concern over the deteriorating air condition in the national capital. The Delhi government has also declared schools to be shut due to the air quality index showing hazardous air conditions. They have also started distributing masks through private and government schools to help citizens combat acrid weather conditions.

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Delhi government has issued a health advisory for citizens and warned them of air pollution, which has reached “severe” levels in Delhi, which may result in morbidity. The advisory has further warned people with prolonged exposure to Delhi’s air, such as traffic policemen, roadside vendors, and auto-rickshaw drivers, to take “extra precautions.”

Below are listed the Dos and Don’ts released by the Delhi Government for citizens, including the elderly, children below five years of age, pregnant women and persons with poor nutritional status:


  • Remain indoors, or reschedule outdoors activities
  • Consult the nearest doctor in case of breathlessness, giddiness, cough, chest discomfort or pain, irritation in eyes (red or watery)
  • Persons with airway, lung or heart illnesses should keep their medication readily available
  • If using masks, use certified N95 masks and follow user instructions. Simple paper and cloth masks are not effective.
  • Continue use of clean smokeless fuels gas or electricity for cooking and heating purpose
  • Use public transportation


  • Don’t burn leaves, wood, agriculture products, garbage
  • Don’t go to places with heavy traffic and areas near polluting places, construction sites, etc.
  • Don’t go for morning and late evening walks, run, jog and physical exercise
  • Don’t open doors and windows during the morning and late evenings
  • Don’t smoke cigarettes, bidis and related tobacco products
  • Avoid driving cars, scooters and other motorized vehicles

Furthermore, the report adds that a change in diet could go a long way to help prepare the body better deal with toxins. The addition of food items that are rich in nutrients, are anti-inflammatory and can help detoxify one’s body, adding to immunity is advised. The report also states that people need to include vitamin-C rich foods like amla, lemon, guava, oranges, etc in their daily diet. Vitamin E consumption through sunflower seeds, almonds, avocados, salmon, etc is also advised.

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Consumption of natural anti-allergic foods like green tea, herbal tea, turmeric milk which has soothing effects on respiratory organs is another way to combat atmospheric toxicity.

The report also urges the use of Masks N95 and N99 to be sported before stepping outdoors.

The keeping of plants like aloe vera, which helps clear the air of dangerous carcinogens including benzene and formaldehyde, is also advised in the report.

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